30 things I love about Summer

It's officially Summer! It was the first day of summer on the 21st but I haven't had chance to post so...anyway, I do love this season, everyone seems to be a bit more cheerful and lively during the Summer months. There is just so much for this time of year. It does put a smile on all our faces when the sun is out, except when it is absolutely baking, some love 30 degree temperatures, I'm one of those ones who moan and I just feel like I'm flaking and melting when it's that warm. My inner self is ready in her bikini with Garnier sun protection about to hit the pool.

So yes, Summer brings the happiness out in people. Here are some of my favourite things about the warm season:

1) Lighter Nights
2) Sunshine
3) Dipping your feet into a paddling pool
4) Warm weather beats cold weather
5) No scraping ice off my car windscreen
6) Shorts make a comeback
7) Flip flops/sandals also make a return
8) Sunbathing on the trampoline
9) The days feel longer
10) Tanning
11) Ice cream/ice lollies
12) Sunglasses
13) Alcohol tastes better
14) Beer garden weather
15) Stick of Rocks
16) Flowers
17) Outdoor parties
18) Driving with the sunroof down
19) Blasting music in the garden/car
20) BBQ's
21) Picnics in the park
22) Stripy deckchairs
23) Summer fashion
24) Water balloon fights
25) Candy floss
26) Fairgrounds
27) Rain can cool you down in the Summer
28) Everything seems to be so photogenic
29) The sound of waves crashing on the rocks
30) Going to the beach

If you have any more suggestions that I could add to my list, let me know by commenting below!
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  1. This is such a great list. I love the lighter evenings and having lots of picnics too.