I'm aspiring for health & happiness, not money

“Money can’t buy you happiness”

Hmm, perhaps. But it would still be nice to have some money so you can feel comfortable financially. But is money the be all and end all with me? Nope.

I’ve never been one to aspire to be rich, roll around naked on a bed covered full of £50 notes (like somebody like me would do that on £50 notes...it's more likely to be £10 notes!), drive a Porsche, live in a Eco friendly mansion and go on holidays six times a year. Well, the thought is nice, don't get me wrong, but to be honest I’d rather be healthy (well, as healthy as I can be) and more importantly, be happy. But money does make me happy, oh dear, I can't win this argument!

My health has always come first with me. My aim everyday is to take care of myself and take my medication and do my treatments. At the end of the day, doing those things is keeping me alive, that’s why it’s my number one priority. Well, it has to be doesn't it?

Now, as the title says, I’m aspiring to be healthy and happy. Happy is most definitely possible, I got a wonderful Mam, a beautiful group of friends, a good job, I have this blog to keep me going too! This quote poster I bought from Desenio really says it all - there are people worse off than us but are still happy and content with what they have. That's the best attitude to have on this topic. They say it's the little things, don't they?
But I’ve never thought that having loads of money has been my main goal in life. As long as I have enough to keep me going to pay for bills, put petrol in my car, buy food, I’m good to go.

Buying clothes and makeup are just bonuses to me. Going to Liverpool once in a while is like my special treat to myself. I can’t afford to go abroad, Liverpool, to me personally, is the next best thing.

So yes, if I had to choose what would make me happy, it’s keeping my health as stable as possible. Money comes second place. With money you can buy whatever you want, but you can't buy good health. If only I could.

 What makes you happier?
Money or health and happiness?

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  1. This is such a refreshing post. Health and happiness is what matters most to me.