Story of 2018: Chapter Six (Pages 169 - 175)

P A G E  169
It's a big week for my favourite charity and community -

It's Cystic Fibrosis week here in the UK! A great opportunity to raise and spread awareness of this god awful illness. I was planning last night what CF posts to repost and I've got a new one for Wednesday too! But let's get back to reality, I'm puffing my Colomycin and it's daunting on me that I have to head off to work very soon.
One thing I love about Timehop, it reminds me of things like this -
3 years, I literally can't believe it! It's the biggest achievement of my life and most definitely in terms of my health! The big question is - can I go one more year IV free? Only time will tell...
It's been a good day, I've come home to an ASOS parcel which undoubtedly has made my Monday even better -
I wanted this jumpsuit since one of my favourite bloggers Beth wore it to the Blogosphere Magazine Awards a couple of weeks ago but unsurprisingly it went out of stock pretty quickly. Just by chance last week I saw that there was one size 10 left, I couldn't have clicked the 'Add To Bag' button any quicker if I tried! Of course I tried it on and it fits like a dream! The perfect summer jumpsuit. I do like the tropical theme right now!
P A G E  170
I'm off to church this morning. No, it's not voluntary, it's part of a school trip in work. Since I've been working in this school I've been to quite a few church services (I work in a church school) and today it will be the first time I'll meet a Bishop. I'd love it to be the one who did a sermon at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding!
The church service was lovely, the kids were well behaved and I bowed to a Bishop. Something I never thought I'd say!
Right, work is finished, time to set off for the gym. 

That incentive definitely kept me on the exercise bike a bit longer!

P A G E  171

Does anyone know what I am talking about? No? Just me? Alrighty then! Time to go to work now!
I've come home, I need to do some blogging photos involving getting changed numerous times in new outfits, but I'm sat on my contemplating doing that, and basically my life in general. Nah, I think I'll leave it until tomorrow!
Maybe not the best idea.

P A G E  172
I've taken so many blogging photos since I've come home! All for new Lookbook posts, but is it just me (a bloggers point of view here) or is editing photos so draining at times?! I like doing it but when you have to repeat the same editing routine for different photos, it can get a little bit tiresome. It might be just me, but please comment below if that's not the case!  

Yes, it is #NationalSelfieDay . I do this every year, I don't know why! I think I like comparing them to last year's ones and seeing if I've changed in any way. Usually my makeup is the most drastic change.

P A G E  173
It's a big day in #CFWeek -

This is the only day that I wear yellow. I don't own any yellow tops bar the one I'm wearing this photo. I've just donated my £5 to the CF, it may be a small donation, but every little helps! (not meaning to sound like a Tesco advert).

P A G E  174
I am currently eating a (kind of) healthy breakfast. I am having  - wait for it - banana on toast. A bit of progress for me! It's usually a bacon sandwich on the weekend, but I decided to change thing up today! I decided last night, after demolishing a stunning Chines takeaway, that I need to start eating healthier now, and with the Summer holidays not far away for me now, it's time to make that diet change. So -

Seriously, even comment on any recommended bloggers below, I need to start this soon.
Oh I forgot to say, my Mam got a new laptop in the week! It's really nice, I set it up for her, I've already sworn at it because the router wouldn't connect to it straight away. But there is one problem now -
I'm sure she wouldn't mind me borrowing it for blogging photos every now and then surely?
An afternoon of bliss for me. I have a bit of a good blogging mojo going right now so I'm making the most of it before it disappears again!
 Well, I managed to avoid his underwear didn't I?!

P A G E  175

I got woken up by this little bugger howling outside my bedroom door begging me to let her in. I caved in and did, little did she realise I was already up and dressed in my gym gear about to head downstairs. Silly cat.
I've done all my jobs for today, I'm sat down with a cuppa and my Mam asks me what to do with hashtagging -
Well, that was fun. She still looked pretty confused even though she tried to hide it. I'm dreading the next question regarding social media.


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