Psst! I have a little secret!

And guess what? I'm not telling you! Mwahaha! I'm sorry if that sounds completely childish and immature!
But seriously, I do have a little secret that I’ve been keeping to myself for the last few weeks. It’s to do with a little blogging project I’ve been working on. The only other person who knows is Julia, cause the lovely girl is my blogging bestie. She’s been great at giving me advice and I want to say a quick thank you for putting up with my DM’s for the last couple of weeks!

I’m hoping this little project will come into fruition soon, it’s a little idea I came up with when I was 28 minutes into my session on the treadmill, as you do.

It’s going to take a some grafting on my part but I’m determined to make it work. I want to make it successful, hopefully it can be. I’m lucky I got a good support network online and outside of social media to help me out and offer a lending hand if I need it.

Blogging has become an increasing passion of mine since I started nearly two years ago, I never thought I would love writing my thoughts on the internet as much as I have done. Being part of the Blogosphere has really boosted my confidence and I want to help to do the same with other fellow bloggers (a little hint there!)

So until then peeps, I’m going to, as Del Boy would say, schtum and you will soon find out what it is!

Quite a short and snappy post for today, but there's not much more to say!

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