Blog Reads of December

This will be my last 'Blog Reads' post of 2018! Here are my favourite posts from December (be prepared for a few Christmas-themed posts to be named):

1) 4 Blogging Mistakes I'm Always Making | The Curvaceous Vegan
I'm definitely a blogger who has and still is making mistakes. Blogging is something that is always changing. Whether it's a new way to edit photos or what writing style draws more readers in, there's always a new trend. All the points that Amie has listed are mistakes I have most certainly made, especially the 'Forgetting why I started in the first place' point. I do forget why I started in the first place when I'm constantly looking at numbers, statistics, views and likes. Which is awful and a little embarrassing. A great post Amie!

2) How To Nail A Festive Flatlay | Rebecca Faye
I've been trying to smash the festive flatlay since the beginning of December, but all to no avail. That was until I read this post. I absolutely love Rebecca's photos anyway, but the ones for this post are bang on! I love the idea of the little bells and the star confetti. Rebecca gives some ideas on where to buy Christmas props and how to use them effectively. I definitely got a lot of tips from reading this post, thank you, Rebecca!

3) Cutting Down my Consumerism at Christmas | Sinead Kathryn
I'm exactly like Sinead whilst Christmas shopping, I'm looking for the other person but always seem to be looking for myself as well! In the past, I have been very sneaky and bought something for someone else but kept it for myself because I loved it so much! Sinead has become more sensible like myself this year by watching what she's spending during the time of shopping. I'm not going to look at everything I feel the need to buy it just because someone I know will like it. It's just a waste of money. Like Sinead says, let's focus on spending time with the people we love rather than spending lots of money!

4) 24 Important Life Lessons | EmTalks
I'm loving all these life lessons Em has learnt along the way! Let's face it, we've al made mistakes and learnt lessons from them or a life event has changed our lives and we've learnt something from that. The one lesson Em wrote, which I have taken a lot from was this one - "If I lower my expectations of others, I won't get as hurt". I can certainly take this lesson and practice it in my life. I'm one who hopes too much and puts all my eggs in one basket. I'm aiming to change all that in 2019. I loved this post. Em could write a post about the best way to use plastic bin bags and I'd still read it!

I am someone who never knows when to stop, whether it's knowing when to shut my mouth or when to stop working. However, after reading Anna's post, I feel highly motivated to give myself some time away from things now! One thing I am well overdue to do is to do a digital detox, like Anna has suggested. This is one I struggle to do because I do get drawn to social media very easily, but I do put my phone away and put it on silent when I am with my friends and family as I think quality time with my loved ones is so much more important.

6) On Overcoming Fear + Embracing Change | Thirteen Thoughts
Fear is within us all. I fear spiders, needles and lorries (ok, that one might just be me!) but the only person who can change this is, wait for it, YOU. I love how Paula says that failure is our biggest fear because it's absolutely bang on. Failure is something we all dread! Also 'what if' has got to be a phrase I use on a daily basis. We should not regret anything we do in life, simple as. A great read!

Let me know your favourite blog posts of this month!

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