Story of 2018: Chapter Twelve (Pages 344 - 350)

P A G E  344
Another week has started. I've just finished exercising and now I'm browsing through ASOS whilst puffing in my Colomycin, as you do. I'm yearning to buy this dress, but there's one little problem -

It's so gorgeous. It's festive, Christmassy and, well, sparkly. I can't exactly justify spending £69.99 on a dress if I'm only just going to wear it around the house on Christmas Day. Before you ask, no I'm not doing anything on NYE. I never do. I'm one of those who stays in and watches my neighbours welcoming in the New Year at midnight. If it goes on sale, I'll definitely get it.
I've finished puffing my nebuliser, time to go to Home Bargains to get some wrapping paper, I'm in the mood to wrap Christmas presents. Let's go now before I change my mind.
Isn't it lovely?! Navy and rose gold, what a wonderful colour combo! Right, let's get the scissors and sellotape out! But first things first -
I really think it should be. I found a Christmas song playlist on YouTube and had it playing in the background whilst I was fighting with finding the end of the sellotape.
Ooh, I almost forgot!
Santa riding a bike. Hmm.
After a day of blogging and photo taking, I'm relaxed for the evening and 9pm is drawing near -
I feel lost. My favourite show has ended for another year and I'm lost. I wonder when the I'm A Celeb coming out show will be on? Wednesday?! Not too long to wait!

P A G E  345
I overslept this morning. It ended up that my Mam let my cat in to headbutt me awake. I practically woke up with a cat purring in my face. I suppose there's worst ways to be woken up by. Anyway, before he starts dribbling, let's get up and eat breakfast, then it's off to the gym.

I've just got back from the gym, I'm puffing my Colomycin and Charlie (the cat) has distanced himself from me. I can't smell that bad after from being at the gym surely?! Well, I am feeling and looking a bit sweaty and warm, perhaps he's made a wise decision. Right, I've finished inhaling my nebuliser, let's wash my hair.
I've had an afternoon of taking blog photos, editing them and installing Photoshop, as you do.
I've got a feeling that I will be watching lots of tutorial videos on YouTube for the foreseeable future. It really is hard to work out what each tool and button is for. Fingers crossed I'll get the hang of it sooner rather than later.
Ok, it's time for Liverpool, see you in 90 minutes!
*Update - a 1-0 win, YES!
Into the next stage of the Champions League, life is good.

P A G E  346

It's that time of week, it's work time. I'm really eager for the Christmas holidays to come around, I think I could literally sleep for a week. Still, I need to earn some money, let's get this day over with.
After a long day, I've settled down and now it's time to watch this -
Then it's over for another year. Sigh.

P A G E  347
Even though I woke up on time (for once), I'm running behind and I think I'm going to be late for work. How is it even possible to do that? However, I still have time to open the latest window on my calendar before I go -

If I'm looking correctly, that's possibly the Shard in the background? I'm most probably wrong!
Ok, now I am definitely late for work. Bye!
Yeah I have, really. The Christmas holidays can't come around quick enough. Not long now. If I repeat that to myself, it doesn't seem so bad, for now.
Time for EastEnders -
I literally celebrated at the end of tonight's episode. If you watched EastEnders tonight, you'll know what I'm talking about, well, obviously you would.

P A G E  348

Oh I do love penguins. Well, who doesn't. Anyway, good morning! I'm feeling very happy that Friday has finally arrived! Also, it's Christmas Jumper Day -
I've had this jumper for years, I love it. The only time I wear it is for Christmas jumper day. I think we all have that item of clothing that we wear on certain days of the year. Like our Pudsey t-shirts, Christmas jumpers and Comic Relief t-shirts.
I've got a little bit of time before I go to work, let's do this -
Why I decided to do that little task at half past seven in the morning I don't know! I honestly cannot even answer that question myself! Anyway, now I've done that, I better head off to work.

P A G E  349

Yep, having a cat headbutt me in the face was not the ideal start to my Saturday. I'll let him off as I needed to get up anyway, also there's worse ways to be woken up by!
A very weird but funny picture in Day 15 window! Certainly made me chuckle!
I've been out and about and I can safely say the weather is absolutely rank.
These are the sorts of days where you want to stay in and do sod all.
It's half past six and it's time for the Strictly final!
Stacey is the winner! I liked all the last four in the final so it didn't bother me who won.

P A G E  350

More robins?!
Good morning to you all on this Sunday morning! I've got a day of seeing family and watching football -
Ooh this game is massive, not just because I want us to win, but I literally cannot stand these toads! Come on Liverpool! Right, let's get on with this morning before I fall behind.
I ordered these last night and I can't wait for them to arrive. £11 for a pair of Calvin Klein leggings. Bargain!
I've been to see my Grandad, I showed him the video I did for the BBC, I haven't seen him since I did it, bless him he got emotional watching it! I'm glad to make him proud!
Ok, it's time people -
See you in 90, I'm already sweating! Please, Liverpool, just win. I can't bear the thought of losing to these.
*Update - a 3-1 win! YES!

Oh wow. What a day!


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