Why Family Issues Should Remain Private

I was watching Good Morning Britain the other morning, there was a big interview with Meghan Markle's father, Thomas. He was talking to Susanna and Piers about how he has lost contact with his daughter and asking her to get in contact with him. Now, I have a real problem with this, for a few reasons:

1) Why go on a TV show to make your case?
2) Why would you do this to your daughter who is pregnant and doesn't need the stress and anxiety?
3) It should be a private matter.
And that's how it should be - a private matter. Obviously I don't know the full story, I'm not texting Meghan or slipping into her DM's asking for all the goss, I don't know how both sides of the parties sides of their stories.

You're probably thinking why I am making such a big deal out of something that has nothing to do with me and is something that isn't really significant on our everyday lives. That is true - to a point.
Let's get real for a second here - I have an estranged relationship with my Dad.

The picture below speaks a thousand words, one of the pictures I have that are ripped in half to completely get rid of any memory of him.

We lost contact 10 years ago, it was a decision on both sides to not bother to speak or see each other again - and that's fine. I can live without him and have done very well without having him in my life for the last decade. He's never tried to make contact with me and vice versa. It's something I'm not losing sleep over. I'm sure he isn't either.

One thing I won't go into in this post is how and why our relationship broke down. That's a personal and private part of my life that I never wish to discuss with anyone, except my Mam and my closest friends. I think I've handled this situation (for want a better word) the right way and I've kept my dignity and respect throughout. My Mam brought me up well.  

If anyone who doesn't know the situation I endured with my Dad ever dare say to me "You should try and reach out to your father", then I would tell them (as calmly as I could) that it's none of their effing business and they should keep their nosey beaks out. I think that sounds quite calm? I have my reasons for not speaking to him and they're reasons I'm content with.

Let's circle back to the Meghan Markle situation, first of all, I think she's an amazing addition to the Royal Family and she's an incredible role model for feminism. I find it applaudable that she hasn't made a huge fuss of it all. She must be so upset with her father for going to the media every 5 minutes for a world exclusive interview. If my father went on the Jeremy Kyle show to try and sort things, I'd be one of those shouty guests who comes on from backstage screaming and swearing. They'd have to get big security guard Steve to hold me back! He wouldn't be able to go on the show Long Lost Family as he knows where I bloody live.

My point of this post is that Meghan has gone the right way about it and kept her views and feeling private. Her father could learn a lot from his daughter and do the same. If he's exhausted from all forms of communication with his daughter, then maybe he may to have realise that it may be what she wants for now. Not permanently, just temporarily.

Going back to point three, all family matters and disputes should remain out of the public eye, kept behind closed doors and well away from the Jeremy Kyle show. Unless your desperate for the 15 minutes of fame or you have no teeth.

Anyway, another point of this post is that please don't air your dirty laundry out in public, you'll lose respect from other's if you decide to broadcast your family rifts to your whole street. It doesn't do you or your family any favours.
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  1. I completely agree. Family issues and disputes are something that are very personal to the people involved. I'd hate it if someone aired my dirty laundry for the public to see like Thomas has. For me, that would make me less inclined to build a relationship with them again.