Why I'm Trying To Support Local Businesses

We're all running around like cheetahs trying to get all of our Christmas shopping done. We're all going into the big high street stores to buy Dove or Lynx sets for work colleagues or that special something for your loved ones who really deserve it.

Now then, when it comes to shopping, yes, I admit that 90% of my presents come from the high street stores or Amazon. However, sometimes it's nice to go to those little gift or souvenir shops in your local village and have a browse round them. I love buying my friends personal gifts, gifts that have a meaning and also remind me of our friendship. It's something they can keep forever and also something that makes them, more importantly, happy.

Also, by buying from your local shops rather than the big stores, you're supporting those small businesses who love your custom and are always welcoming. I work in a primary school which is based in a little village, there's such a nice atmosphere and community spirit around the area. There's all the necessities like a Co-Op, a village post office, a pub (very important indeed), a church, a GP surgery, a chemist, a village coffee shop plus other little businesses scattered around the square. 

After work one day, I went for a little walk around the village so I could get a feel of the place around Christmas time. All the shops have tinsel in the windows, decorations adorned inside and it just all feels festive.

I've made it my goal for Christmasses beyond this year to start shopping and helping local shops and businesses and reward their hard work by buying stuff from them. Let's face it, it helps them and the economy! (No, I'm not getting political!)

When Lush Chic jewellery sent me some of their jewellery, this was my perfect opportunity to support a business that is not necessarily broadcast all over the online world. They sell beautiful, dainty jewellery, their necklaces in particular are so delicate and cute! Especially this snowflake one, ideal for any Christmas outfit!

What's even better about this is that all their products are handmade in the UK. Not from eBay where you have to wait 2 years for something to be shipped over from China.

Ok, so if you fancy treating your Mum, Aunty, Nan or one of your besties to a some lovely, original jewellery, use the code LUCYMARY at the checkout at Lush Chic to get 15% your purchase.

Do you like supporting your local shops at this time of year? Or anytime of year for that matter?!

*These items were sent to me from Lush Chic and all views are my own.

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