2018 - A Reflection

It's that time of year where 95% of blogger's write their reflection posts looking back over the past 12 months. Well, I'm here to tell you that I am one of the 95% who will be doing the same. So, how has 2018 panned out for me? Well I'll tell you!

Twenty eighteen, has, for me personally, been a year I can only describe as 'hope'. I hoped for a lot of things to happen, I hoped for my family and friends to achieve great things (which thankfully they did) I hoped for a good year health-wise (which I've also had!) and I hoped for my blog to reach new heights (not quite, but I'm working on that!).

I want to talk more about the high's of 2018 rather than the low's, let's keep the vibe positive eh? From two exciting and fun filled trips to Liverpool, to going another year IV free (my favouritest achievement of 2018) to having my first paid post as a blogger and making progress with Lucy Mary.

Like I said, I'm not to put any focus of the low's of 2018, for two reasons - 1) some are personal and 2) I might get teary talking about them, like my little Lily (my cat) going missing. Oh god, where are the Kleenex?!

Anyway...I've composed myself, let's carry on.

I'm hopeful for my future in 2019, I want to change my outlook on things, try new things, meet new people and go to new places. I want to be able to expand on my blog, make new memories and life my life to the fullest. Maybe the word for my 2019 will be 'desire'. Hmm, that makes it all sound intriguing.

These past 12 months have been full of ups and downs, some ups have left me on a real high, some downs have left me feeling broken.

All of us will never have the perfect 2019, I can tell you now that I probably won't, but I'm determined to have this new year have more positives than negatives. When I write my 2019 reflection post, I'd love to be able to state that the year was full of happiness rather than sadness. I'm using too many opposites in these last two paragraphs, let's get out of that funk.

I've set myself personal goals for my life, which I will stay with me and won't be written here or broadcast over social media. Personal goals and aims should stay personal and private. Keep people guessing, that's what I say.

How has 2018 been for you?
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  1. This is a lovely reflections post. Its great to look back on the year to see how you can improve things for the next one.