Story of 2018: Chapter Eleven/Twelve (Pages 330 - 336)

P A G E  330
It's the start of a new week and I've got lots to do on this sunny Monday morning. 1) Exercise 2) Clean the house and 3) Go to Primark (just because I want to go) so, let's get cracking!

Well, in my defence, I spent most of my money on Christmas presents. Now I'm home and have unpacked what I've bought, I've realised that I'm on track in terms of Christmas presents for people. The only person I'm struggling to buy for is my Mam! I really don't know what to get her this year, I am trying hard to think of what I can buy for her, but I'm at a loose end! Hopefully my brain will get in gear and I'll find her something she'll love.
I've caught up on everything on social media, however, I've noticed that it's a particular national day, but I don't need an excuse to eat this -
Seriously, I don't need any excuse to eat cake. Every day can be cake day. Ooh, I could go for a piece of chocolate fudge cake right now.

P A G E  331
I'm currently puffing on my Colomycin, it's almost 11am and I've achieved so much today, which is amazing considering I overslept this morning. 
I've taken my Mam to the other side of town to take her to a first aid course, go back over to the other side of Newport to go to the gym, an hour later I'm at Boots picking up a parcel, in between all that I was battling with the morning rush hour. Wow, I've done quite well.
Right I need a bath, I'm all sweaty, which has just reminded me that I looked this awful when I walked into a busy Boots store to pick up my parcel. Oops.
All I've done this afternoon is write Christmas blog posts listening to Christmas songs. I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day off. It's work tomorrow though. Sigh.

P A G E  332
I thought I'd try this emoji challenge to start my day off on Twitter this morning -

By the looks of it, 2019 looks set to be a cracking year! Hopefully.
Ok, let's go to work before I fall asleep on the settee.
I've come home from work, I'm on the treadmill and I'm scrolling through Pinterest to keep myself entertained, as you do.
Ooh it's very tempting, but I'm going to be good and wait until Saturday to start it.
It's 8:00pm and Liverpool are playing, we need to win tonight!
*Update - a 2-1 loss. Not ideal, but it's not the end of the world.
Yep, Anfield will be buzzing in a couple of weeks. If only I could be there.

P A G E  333
I'm never in a good mood a day/night after Liverpool lose. Hmm. Ok, I need to get to work before I sulk any further.
Well, I have the most shit day in work, excuse the language but I really have.

Yes, not good. I really want to drink some vodka to block the day out of my mind, but I think exercising might be the better, healthier option. Yes, let's be healthy.

P A G E  334
It's Friday (thank god!) after a trying week, the weekend couldn't come around quick enough. I'm happy to report that there is no bruise on my backside after my fall in work yesterday. Although I am kind of dreading seeing if the kids will say anything, but hopefully they were just too busy tucking into their packed lunches or sausages to notice. I hope.
After a calmer day in work today, I'm going to exercise to wind down (Pilates, not pounding on the treadmill) and have some food cause I'm starving.
I'm just about to pick up my Mam from work, I go out to my car and I see this -

This does kind of worry me. My neighbour's drive like maniacs in my road sometimes. I'm always worried they're going to hit my car. I'll go bloody mental if they did!

P A G E  335
In the words of Slade...IT'S CHRISTMAS!

Ok, I know it's only the 1st of December, but I can get a little excited, right? Right, let's get on with Saturday, as it's 10am and I'm still lazing around in bed.
I'm quite a traditionalist at Christmas, this is a very good example -
I do love the old fashioned calendars where you have to open the window and see what the picture is. Don't get me wrong, a chocolate ones are still great calendars, but I just have a soft spot for these kind of advent calendars.
I've just come out of Morrison's and let me just say, it was probably the best time I've ever had food shopping -
The owner was so kind as well! The dog's name was Jessie and she had a lovely coat on. Shows how much of a huge animal lover I am.

P A G E  336
I've had the best email sail into my inbox this morning -

This was only the first issue to be published by Vix but I already cannot wait for the next issue to be released! A must read for any blogger, so please sign up to Exciting Emails!
It's Sunday, it's a special day in football -
I really hope we beat this lot later on this afternoon, I literally cannot stand them! Come on Liverpool!
Ok, let's get on with Sund- ooh, I forgot to show you my newest window on my Advent calendar!
I've kind of started a Twitter thread on my profile with this Advent calendar, which I kind of didn't mean to. I may as well keep it going until December 24th!
I've done quite a lot this Sunday so far, I've exercised (Joe Wicks' abs workouts are a killer), done my nebs and physio, cleaned the kitchen down, done some ironing and taken my Nan to bingo. I know, productive.
See you in 90 minutes!
*Update - 0-0 draw - WAIT A MINUTE!
As you can tell, I am quite happy. More than that, I'm frigging ecstatic!
You know when you say something on Twitter then this happens -
What the hell?! I didn't even @ her name and she had a go at me! She must be searching for her name on Twitter, how sad! Bring back Len!


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