Story of 2018: Chapter Twelve (Pages 337 - 343)

P A G E  337
Yes, I feel very sleepy this morning. Like I said, thankfully I'm not working today, maybe a power nap is needed? I know it's only half past 7, but still?!
I'd love a mini Christmas tree to decorate for myself. My Mam takes over the decoration of the Christmas tree in our living room. Well, it doesn't need much decorating - it's a fibre optic tree. All we add to it is baubles. Which is fine, as long as we got something to stick the presents under!
I nearly forgot to open the window! It's quite sad that my life is suddenly starting to evolve around an Advent calendar. I need to get out more. Talking of getting out more -
I went to Home Bargains, Asda, Boots and Tesco Express to get a few bits and pieces. I crossed everything off my blogging Christmas blogging props list (which I made last night). Quite an accomplished Monday considering I had a crappy nights sleep. I may go and have that power nap I said I would have.

P A G E  338
I've come downstairs and I can hear a certain advert on the telly -

Baby Shark do-do-do-do-do...crikey, the advert was only on for about 20 seconds! I can't be humming that tune when I go to the gym in a bit!
Ok, I made a teeny error. It is Day 4 I know, I accidentally put three, I've only just realised as I'm writing this. When are Twitter going to add an 'edit' button to when we tweet something?! Surely us tweeters are rightfully owed this now! Right, I need a bath, I rode 10km on the exercise bike in the gym and I'm all sweaty.
The postman has just been and he's brought me a lovely little magazine to read -
The Blogosphere Magazine Christmas issue has arrived! That's my afternoon sorted, cwtching down and getting stuck into reading this! Also with this to hand -
I got these Costa glasses (there's another one like this in the cupboard) as a Christmas present a couple of years ago.
I'm planning a trip to Liverpool early next year, I've seen a great hotel deal, but getting train tickets is proving to be a bit of a what I call - pain in the arse -
I've got to wait until January to see if the route I want to take on the train will go ahead, which if I wait until then, the hotel price will go up by that point, which means I won't get such a great deal, so do I risk booking the hotel or not? Decisions, decisions...

P A G E  339

A little bit of Wednesday wisdom to start your day off everyone. I love a good quote. Right, before I set off for work, let's open the latest window on my Advent calendar!
I know, I know, I made a teeny tiny mistake yesterday! If only Twitter would create a 'edit tweet' button. Oh, did I say that yesterday? Oops. I better head off to work then.
I've had quite a weird half hour, it started off with this -
Thankfully, my phone is fine, but my case cracked in the corner. Oh dear. Anyway, after this happened, I went to get petrol, went to wrong side of the petrol pump, swapped to the other side of the petrol pump, couldn't find my debit card and realised id already taken it out of my purse and dumped it on the seat next to me, then I shut the door with my car keys inside the car (thank god I left my driver door slightly open) and couldn't open the petrol cap before I started filling my tank. I think my brain is completely frazzled. Time to go home and relax.
It's nice to eat something different for a change, I do love fish and vegetables! It tasted nicer than it looked.
It's time for Liverpool, see ya!
*Update - a 3-1 win. GET IN!
That's me going to sleep happy. Even though I've just fallen down the stairs after my Mam left her coat on them and I slipped on it. I now have a bad back and carpet burn on my wrist. Ouch. Goodnight.

P A G E  340
Ooh, I'm feeling achy this morning -

That fall down the stairs hasn't done my back any favours. Some Voltoral cream is needed to help decrease the pain a bit. I know what will cheer me up, let's open day 6 on the calendar!
I love robins! I haven't seen one yet this year, but they are so cute! Ok, I need to leave for work, see you later!
I've come out of work, I need to text my Mam to ask her what time she wants picking up from her work, but there's no signal. It's only when I get home from work, turn my WiFi on and scroll through Twitter to see what's happening.
Not handy, so the only way I can communicate with people is through my WiFi. Hmm. Ah well, no point moaning about it.
I've got a busy day in work tomorrow, I shall let you know in the morning!

P A G E  341

Quite a traditional window in my advent calendar this morning. Ok, I know it's Friday, but -
We're off to Llancaich Fawr, the second time this year but with a different class. I suppose the one positive is that it's a day out of the classroom. Still, it's an incredibly stressful day ahead. Ok, let's do this!
Wow, this is all I have to say!
It's been a trying and exhausting day! I need an early night, well after I watch I'm A Celeb. First things first, I want food and my Mam has just told me something which has literally saved me cooking something for myself -
She has literally saved the 2% energy I have left in me. I really did not feel like cooking anything at all this evening.
P.S. - the takeaway was delish. Goodnight.

P A G E  342

Yep, I'm up for a lazy day today. I'm going to get the Christmas decorations up and get on with the rest of Saturday!
I know, a little bit late with putting up the decors, but at least it's done now! I put it all up in an hour. Not bad going really. Right, let's go and have a bath, I got a little bit of glitter on me from the sparkly decors. Let's open day 8 on my calendar first -
I had robins on day 6! I hope there's something completely different in day 9's window tomorrow.
I have never had a bath so quick. I went in at 12:10 and Liverpool were kicking off in 20 minutes. See, putting up Christmas decorations are time consuming! Right, I've made it, just five minutes late, luckily I haven't missed any goals!
*Update - a 4-0 win. Happy days!
That win means this -
Oh that's cheered me up!

P A G E  343

Good morning! It's Sunday and I dreamt of all the people I hated in my sleep last night. Hmm, not good really, but let's put that behind me and focus on Sunday. I plan on doing some exercise today as  had a rest day yesterday.
It's half five and I've done quite a bit today, it's time to settle down and watch this all time classic Christmas film -
I do love this film. It's one I have to watch every year!
Now it's time for the final of this -
It really is my favourite programme of the entire year so I'm gutted it's coming to an end again.
A very well deserved winner!


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