The Isolation Diary: Part Three

Right, I've only done pictures for this series for up to four parts. Surely to god I won't need a fifth one?! Well, after finding out the news during this period that I'm going to be shielding until the 16th August, that may seem possible. Let's get started with this diary entry then:

Day Eighty Five (8th June) - I just had sausages, bacon and beans for tea and it's probably the best meal I've cooked during lockdown.

Day Eighty Six - My chest is feeling a little tight today. That's a sign that I need a day of rest and drink lots of green tea.

Day Eighty Seven - I'm sorry, I should not still be needing to wear a cardigan in JUNE.

Day Eighty Eight - My hair doesn't seem to want to straighten today. It's not like it's even mildly warm today.

Day Eighty Nine - My cat is sat outside eating feathers. My cat is a feather eater. I have no words.

Day Ninety - This pandemic has made me grow to hate weekends. Eff you pandemic.

Day Ninety One - My neighbours have started drilling, banging and sawing at 8:30am. It's effing Sunday. I want sleep. 

Day Ninety Two (15th June) - My cat has taken to growling like a dog when she wants to go out. I swear my cat is a dog trapped in a cat's body.

Day Ninety Three - One of my best friends came over with her puppy and we had a social distancing cuppa and catch up in my front garden. It's made me realise how much I miss contact with friends and family. 

Day Ninety Four - Getting up earlier than I have been today has made me so much more productive. This become a new thing for me now.

Day Ninety Five - The weather is shit outside. A day of staying in it is - as I have been for the last 95 days.

Day Ninety Six - I've taken a day off from the exercising for the first time in months and it feels so good to have a day of rest!

Day Ninety Seven - My chest feel incredibly tight today. Another day of doing nothing is on the cards.

Day Ninety Eight - I've started Cipro today and there's going to be a heatwave this week. Burnt skin, here we come!

Day Ninety Nine (22nd June) - One thing that I had forgotten about with taking Cipro? The nausea it brings with it. I literally just want to vom everywhere.

Day One Hundred - OMG I've been isolating for 100 days now. Jeez. 

Day One Hundred and One - Being in heatwave whilst on Cipro is not fun. Unless I fancy looking like Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants, I shall be spending a bit of my day indoors today.

Day One Hundred and Two - LIVERPOOL HAVE WON THE PREMIER LEAGUE! I'm crying (happy tears of course). To Jurgen Klopp, Jordan Henderson (the captain) and the rest of the Liverpool team - thank you. The best thing to happen during lockdown for me!

Day One Hundred and Three - In the space of 24 hours, Liverpool have won the league and Trikafta, now known has Kaftrio, has been improved for use in Europe - the best 24 hours EVER!

Day One Hundred and Four - I bought an Alexa for my Mam as a present to thank her for getting me through lockdown and shielding and she hasn't stopped playing songs. It's the little things.

Day One Hundred and Five - One task I have done today and that I feel proud of to have done was deleting some excess blogging photo's on my camera. You can't beat a digital declutter.


Day One Hundred and Six (29th June) - Why is it that when I open the windows in my house, the entire cast of A Bug's Life decide to parade into my living room and put on a show?!

Day One Hundred and Seven - Some incredible news today for CFer's - the miracle drug Kaftrio is going to be made available on the NHS (only in England) I'm so thrilled, just hoping that Wales follow suit very soon...

Day One Hundred and Eight - It's been a quiet Wednesday. The only highlight being that I used a new shampoo today and it's made my hair feel all swishy. If that's even a word.

Day One Hundred and Nine - I've just eaten 3 eclairs on the bounce - my biggest achievement of the day. 

Day One Hundred and Ten - Trying to change the bed when your cat wants to jump on the bedsheet when it moves is not annoying at all *eye roll*

Day One Hundred and Eleven - I just ordered a takeaway for the first time in four MONTHS. I am beyond ecstatic (FYI - it was a KFC and it tasted absolutely banging!)

Day One Hundred and Twelve - I should not be needing or having to wear a jumper in JULY. 

Day One Hundred and Thirteen (6th July) - I've had a weird head on today. It's like I want to be productive but I also can't be arsed to do anything. Strange.

Day One Hundred and Fourteen - My cat is playing with a bottle top. How's your Tuesday going so far?

Day One Hundred and Fifteen - A trip to the hospital for my third Port flush since shielding started. Surely I won't need a fourth during shielding?!

Day One Hundred and Sixteen - It is meant to be July right? It feels and looks like Winter outside!

Day One Hundred and Seventeen - I've just baked for the first time during lockdown and I made brownies. For the first attempt, they look and tasted banging!

Day One Hundred and Eighteen - Today is a day of watching football and eating brownies. A lot of brownies.

Day One Hundred and Nineteen - My back is playing up today, I have a red, dry patch of skin on my left hand, I'm feeling breathless and tight. If I was an animal, I'd be put down. 

Day One Hundred and Twenty (13th July) - I hate it when it's muggy. My lungs hate it, my hair hates it and I hate it. 

Day One Hundred and Twenty One - The star signs have been changed by NASA. I am now an Aries. I'm sorry, I refuse to be an Aries. I am still a Taurus. 

Day One Hundred and Twenty Two - My Mam is having her haircut today. I won't lie, I'm feeling incredibly jealous right now! 

Day One Hundred and Twenty Three - August the 16th is officially the day my shielding sentence will end! Thank god for that!

Day One Hundred and Twenty Four - My achievement of the day was fixing the toilet. And no, I don't mean unblocking it! 

Day One Hundred and Twenty Five - It's one of those days where technology is pissing me off.

Day One Hundred and Twenty Six - A little mini heatwave = me sitting outside for most of the day!

Another installation of this diary series done and dusted. The next one should be my last one now as I now can get back to some normality on August 16th! See you for the next one!

  1. Wow over 100 days of isolation now- I think you deserve a medal! I love this insight into life in lockdown and it's so reassuring to recognise some of my own moods and feelings here too!
    Soph - x

    1. Haha thank you Soph! I feel like I need one after these last few months shielding! I think we've all experienced different moods during lockdown haven't we?! x

  2. Loved this again girl! Such a good little series!

  3. Awk I love reading these. I wish I had thought to do something similar but I just didn't think there was any point because I didn't expect it to last this long.

    1. Thank you lovely, oh I know, when I started this series I didn't think I'd be writing it for this long! x

  4. Thanks for sharing part 3 of your lockdown diary, I can't believe its over 100 days you have been in isolation, I would have gone stir crazy by now!! Good luck with the rest of your time, I do hope that some productive comes for you :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

    1. Haha I'm surprised I haven't gone stir crazy yet Nic! x

  5. LOVE that you are keeping a diary of your isolation. it is so relatable al that you have written
    shy -

  6. This was a very entertaining relatable, funny and true!!!

    1. Ah thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  7. what an absolutely crazy year it has been!! I love hearing about what your cat gets up to hahah, eating feathers?! Bless her, sounds like shes having some busy days playing with those bottle tops!

    Chloe xx

    1. Yep, my cat eats feather! She's a crazy cat but I love her to bits! xx

  8. I love reading these! Sorry you had a hard time with your meds in this one but it seems like there were a fair few positives this time. I hope the puppy was cute??? It's so sweet that you got your mum an Alexa, I'm glad she's enjoying it x


    1. The puppy was so cute! She absolutely loves the Alexa Sophie, she hasn't stopped asking it questions! x

  9. I love your isolation diary! Although it sucks that it has been so long. I’ll miss the series but look forward to Lucy Let Loose!

    1. Thank you Claire! I'm looking forward to being let loose!

  10. A great insight into your life! I too understand the pain of trying to change the bedsheets whilst the cat is acting as though she is fighting in a war x

    Emily |

    1. Thank you Emily! It's so annoying isn't it?! It took me half an hour to change the bed because my cat refused to let go of the sheet! x

  11. This is so cool and will be great to look back on one day. Quite a few days gave me a laugh and I appreciated the real and honest opinions about your days and the accomplishments or frustrations you had during that time.