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It is true what Sophie says - jumpsuits are beautiful. As Sophie says - from the practicality of them to fact they are a timeless fashion piece. I really do love a jumpsuit, they're so comfortable and you can buy them anywhere and everywhere, well, in high street fashion stores. I recently bought this one from River Island and I honestly think it's the most comfortable thing I have ever worn in my life. One thing that Sophie says in this post is that jumpsuits don't need styling, they just style themselves. Very true.

Even though I've been blogging for nearly two years now (I know, where does the time go?!) I sometimes struggle with taking photos for my blog posts. But when I came across Fee's post, it was like the blogging photography gods were smiling down on me. Whether you're a long term blogger or just starting out in the blogging game, this post is perfect for you to pick up tips and tricks of how to perfect the flat lay photo. I have most definitely picked up a few tips from this post and I shall put them into practice next time I am struggling flat lay-wise.

Heartbreak - a real soul destroyer. As Em says, we've all been there, crying our eyes out and feeling like we can't live without that one person. But Em gives some ways of how we can deal with heartbreak ourselves. From sleeping on it (probably my favourite one) to giving it time. I've been through my fair share of heartbreak and it doesn't get any easier. But one thing it does is that it makes you stronger than you think you are. This is such a relatable post from this lovely girl, relatable posts are more often than not the best ones.

4) How to build a writing routine - Lotte Lauv
Building a writing routine is important in blogging. Lotte gives different ways of being able to write effectively in blogging. Trying to find the distractions and removing them is one I am trying to work on. I get easily distracted by things like my phone and the TV. Well, I can't exactly leave them outside my house but I can easily switch the TV off and put my phone to the other side of the room. Writing every day is something I strive to do on a daily basis, any little idea gets written down on paper or tapped in my Notes on my phone.

5) How to get over a bad day - Sinead Kathryn
We all have our bad days. You wouldn't be human if you didn't. I love these tips that Sinead has written about what to do and how to cope if you're having an awful day. One tip I do is planning something to look forward to. It's nice to have something to look forward to if things aren't going right for me. Also treating each day like a new start is one I definitely love. There's no point dwelling on a bad day, you just got to put it behind you and carry on.

6) 18 thoughts I'm having before turning 25 - The Curvaceous Vegan
I hated turning 25. I realised that I was now going to be in my mid twenties. Oh my Lord. I still can't cope thinking about it now and my 25th birthday was three months ago! A lot of these thoughts Amie has had are like the ones I endured and thought about three months ago. I thought the same as Amie, I thought I would be in a completely different place in my life at 25. But being 25 is not how I pictured it let's say 5 years ago. A great post from this lovely girl.

I loved this post from Abbi. I think there is a pressure to always buy and have something new, especially if you class yourself as a fashion blogger. I don't have the money to be a high end fashion blogger. But as Abbi says, we can't afford to spend money on our blog all the time. There are things like food and bills we need to prioritise before buying stuff to post on our blog. I wish that I could though but that's life!

I am a person with a few habits. Biting my nails (when I'm nervous), picking at food in between meals and don't get me started on my swearing. I love these tips from Lisa on how to build good habits and sticking to them. Telling people is a good one because they won't forget after you've told them what you want to do! One thing I lack in terms of starting a good new habit is being patient and allowing myself to stick to it. I have the attitude that if it's not doing anything positive, then I'll just stop doing it. But like Lisa says, I need to stick to it and I will eventually create a new habit to stick to!

9) A little flat tour - Sophie Rosie
All I got to say about this post is that I want to live in a flat like Sophie's. It is probably the most Instagrammable friendly home I've ever seen. She has made me want to push myself to get my own place more than I ever have done before! I love the desk that is in her living room, it's such a lovely focal point. It is somewhere that would definitely motivate me to write. It's so nice to see Sophie follow her heart and move back to Liverpool.

Ellie - I need to applaud you on this post! I have heard that the word 'petite' being referred to your weight rather than your height. Who the hell started this?! I would never assume that Ellie's blog name was because of her weight. How rude and ignorant would you have to be to assume that?! Sadly Ellie is right, society has changed the way we see petite girls. I think that it's time we changed that!

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