Story of 2018: Chapter Eight (Pages 225 - 231)

P A G E  225
It's that time of year again -

We're getting to that time of year where Strictly contestants are starting to be revealed and you see the X Factor advert. This is the realisation that Summer is almost over and Autumn is not all too far away. I kind of hate the end of Summer cause it means my nicest clothes have to be put away for another year but then I do the colours of Autumn.
Today's plans are to sort of one of my wardrobes out as it's full of old birthday cards and my handbags, also I'm seeing one of my besties tonight for a birthday catch up, some nice plans for a Monday for once!
You know that questions thing you can do on your Insta stories? Well, sometimes you can get some right weird stuff said to you on there! But then when I get something like this said to me, it really makes me smile -
Not to blow my own trumpet, but when you get told that you're inspiring someone, you know you're doing something right.
Right, I'm going out in an hour, let's get some makeup on, wait, how long is it since I applied some foundation to my pale face?
Jeez, I think this is the longest I've gone without wearing makeup! But there's no point in putting it on if you're not going anywhere! It's just a waste of time and valuable makeup, it does cost money you know!
Ok, makeup on, hair done, changed clothes, let's shoot off for a lovely evening!
A lovely evening with my bestie, she loved her birthday presents and we reminisced about the good ol' college days. Just lovely.

P A G E  226
I cannot wake myself up this morning, even though I've had a great night's sleep, I feel like Sleepy, one of the seven dwarfs. Maybe some exercise will wake me up?
I have just done a Pilates session, I kind of don't think that has really helped my sleepiness, I nearly had a power nap on the yoga mat!
I just went over Spytty to River Island to find a jumpsuit I've been eyeing up for AGES. I go in there, scour the store and I cannot see it anywhere. I knew I should have checked the store's tock online before I went there. Sigh. I'll order it online instead, in the vain hope it'll come before the weekend.
I'm casually scrolling through Instagram, a notification flashes up from So Fragrance, saying I have won one of their competitions from their Instagram page! I'm so pleased, I never win anything! 
My last day with my little friend before his owners come home tomorrow from their holiday. I'll miss seeing these five cats everyday, I've gotten so used to seeing them on a daily basis now!

P A G E  227
I'm scrolling through the 'On This Day' feature on Facebook, how is this two years ago?! -

I can't believe how quick it has gone!
Right, let's get on with today! I'm meeting my bestie for a catch up to talk about our next adventures and just have a good old chat. I cannot wait to see her!
We've eaten, I'm absolutely stuffed, we're now having a game of pool - I will soon let you know who the winner is...
I won! I played absolutely rubbish though, it's made me realise that I am better at playing pool when I've had a few vodka's in me. Have I just made a scientific discovery?!
It's 8pm, I've just sat down, it's time for me to eat this lovely takeaway in my pyjama's and I'm going to lollop on the sofa. Goodnight!

P A G E  228
I'm feeling quite mature today and here's why -

I've been putting it off for quite a while now, but I need to bite the bullet and just do it! I'll update you later if I manage to finish it. Right, let's get to the gym before I lose the motivation to go!
I've come home and my ASOS parcel has arrived, let's open it and have a look, wait a minute! What's this?! -
I'm seething right now! I wanted these jeans before I go away on Monday! Now they've told me it will be dealt within the next twelve days! Ridiculous!
Ok, let's cool off in the bath! I'm fuming!
I'm currently doing my CV, it is really honestly testing my brain, I'm trying to make it sound so professional but I literally can't think of any big words to use in my vocabulary! Before you say it, I did go to school and no I don't have a dictionary in my house. Well, does anyone actually use a proper paper version of a dictionary?
One thing that has made me happy, is picking up this from River Island -
I honestly have fallen in love with it. It's so comfortable, it has no zip, it has no buttons, it's not tight, it fits in the right places and it's a lovely khaki colour. Is it a sign of getting older when I'm actually referring to clothes as 'comfortable'? It's quite worrying actually.
Oh yes, an update on my CV, I've finished it! I'm quite pleased with it, I still need to add some more stuff to it but I'm overall pleased with the finished article.
Let's relax with a glass of rose, it's very well deserved in my humble opinion.

P A G E  229
I've just gone downstairs, I see one of my cats sitting next to a brick that's holding the washing line down, why the hell is he looking at a brick for?! But then I take a closer look and I can see two little eyes staring at me - a little mouse! Now, it's time to put my Dr Doolittle doctors coat on and save this mouse!

He's done a runner, now I want breakfast, I'm bleeding starving!
I hate feeling like this - tired because I've done absolutely nothing all day!
Oh I forgot to mention! Do you remember a couple of days ago I won that competition on Instagram?! Well, the parcel came today!
They do smell heavenly I got to be fair.

P A G E  230

I'm so excited to get my nails done! I've already decided what colour I'm going to have! Ok, maybe I'm sounding a bit overly keen and a little too organised here.
My best friend does nails as a sideline - every girl needs a friend who does nails. She is amazing and I'd recommend her to anyone.
Right I have some packing to do...

P A G E  231
My brain is fried already and it's not even 9:30am.

I got so much to do today that I can't even think straight! But let's start the day off right - breakfast!
Right, I've done my exercise, let's go and have a ba- wait a minute!
I walk in my bedroom and she has just casually plonked herself on my suitcase! The cheeky sod! Hopefully she'll move when I have to finish my packing.
I'm just about to send off my CV to some companies and this happens -
I did save it I swear! But it Word decided to not save it for me. Highly annoying. So I have to redo it all over again, I better crack on!
I've been talking about packing a little bit haven't I? Well, I am off somewhere tomorrow...


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