Story of 2018: Chapter Eight (Pages 218 - 224)

P A G E  218
It's Monday again. I'm up and listening to a cat howling outside my bedroom door AGAIN. I got a few things to do before I go out for tea this afternoon. Let's get going!
So after a morning of exercising, trying in vain to keep cool and helping my Mam clean the gutters, which, by the way made me realise that holding the ladder is the most tedious job in the world, it's time to have a mini lunch before I go out in a few hours.
So I've just arrived at the Llanwern Bull (second time in a week) with my Mam and Nan. Time to get stuck in! I'm looking at the menu, completely stumped in choosing what to have. I end up eating this -

It taste gorgeous. I felt like such a kid being served a fish finger sandwich. Well, it was on the adult menu so that's ok, right?
I tell my Mam about a paid collaboration I've been offered, she turns to me and delivers me a shocking revelation -
Oh my word. While my Mam and Nan are chatting, I'm trying to remember all the posts I've written and if I have mentioned her in any of them. I'm trying to pretend I'm listening to their conversation, in the last five minutes I've heard the words 'cat' and 'Warfarin'. Yep, a pretty standard type of chat you'll get with my Nan. Oh God, I haven't mentioned my Nan in my posts before have I?! Time to get my brain working again!

P A G E  219
So after begrudgingly letting my annoying cat in AGAIN, it's time to go to the gym!
After eyeing up some good looking lads at the gym...what, a girl can look can't she?! It's time to wash my hair and get my hair sorted. For the last couple of weeks, my hair has been highly irritating. It hasn't seemed to want to stay straight lately. The humid weather hasn't helped matters mind.

You got to love Home Bargains! I need to start shopping in there more often.
Oh I haven't told you! I'm currently feeding my Mam's best friend's cats whilst they're away on holiday. One of her cats (she has five) decided to do this before we left -
No, really, her name is Mo! She's gorgeous and has incredibly soft fur!
P A G E  220
I've woken up and my mosquito bites are itching like mad. I've had them since Sunday and they're still here driving me up the wall! Why do they have to itch so much?!
Anyway, I got nice plans today, but before I get ready, it's a day dedicated to cats today (as I've just found out on Twitter) -

So there is a day dedicated to cats. Listen Lily and Charlie, just because it's a special day for you doesn't mean you're having the tin of salmon that's in the cupboard. Honestly!
The postman has been, I've had a little present from the hospital -
How bizarre does that paperclip look?! Ok, it's not the nicest present the hospital could give me, but I'm still grateful, I was in need of a new blood test book.
So yes, at the beginning of the entry, I wrote I had nice plans for today. Well, I'm off to Frankie & Benny's for a catch up with one of my closest friends. I'm absolutely starving, I'm not going to go crazy with the food, I prom - who am I kidding?! Of course I am!
I ended up eating a three course meal of southern chicken strips, BBQ chicken and cheese wraps with chips then finally brownies with cream. I have a food baby. Also a very bloated look, let me tell you, it's not a good look. Let's go home and literally crash out on the settee. I feel like I can't move!

P A G E  221
Right, let's get up and open the curtains - what the f**k?!

Now, I know she loves waking me up in the morning, but I never thought she'd resort to climbing on the roof! Luckily the extension roof is right below my window but still!
I know I sound like Queen Victoria, but I am really not amused. Having to be Superwoman at 9:00am in the morning to save my cat is not my idea of fun!
Right, it's time to put my cape away for another day. Let's get back to today, I'm not in a good frame of mind today, so this quote really sums up how i'm feeling right now -
Ok, I knew this was coming, but I still wasn't prepared for it (if that makes sense!) -
My favourite has left. I'm gutted but he's gone back to his home club and I couldn't be more happy for him! Ok, I need some wine to get me through this tonight. Time to go to Bargain Booze!

P A G E  222
It's Day One post Danny Ings leaving Liverpool and I am not in a great mood. I need serious cheering up - all ideas welcome!
I'm quite organised this morning so far, I got up earlier than usual because I didn't get enough sleep last night. But how could I forget this?! -

I've been that busy I completely forgot that it was delivered about an hour ago! As soon as I finish this nebuliser, I'm going to rip open the parcel! Come on Eflow!
Right, after a mad day, it's time to sit down and divulge this takeaway. Goodnight!

P A G E  223
Today is a day I have been waiting for for a long time!

I cannot wait! I've got to wait until tomorrow to see Liverpool play but at least there's other games to keep me entertained today!
I'm scrolling through Boux Avenue and I've come to a conclusion -
After doing my exercise, I've come to look outside and it's pouring with rain, which can only mean one thing -
No, I don't mean transform into a cat! I do like a rainy day sometimes, it gives me the chance to get stuff done around the house (that's if I'm in the mood to!) or just get some blogging stuff done.
I have had a productive afternoon, I've done some ironing and I've also written a blog post. That is a little Saturday achievement for myself to be happy with!
Remember when I said that I have been feeding my Mam's friends cats whilst they're on holiday? This is one of five cats I'm currently looking after -
He is gorgeous! He loves a cwtch and a tickle under the chin. I'm such a cat lover.

P A G E  224
Good morning! There's only one thing on my mind this morning -

Half past one cannot come quick enough! I'm so excited I feel like bouncing on my bed! No actually, not the best idea, knowing me I'll break my mattress, and it's already on its last legs!
It's 1:30pm, the game is just about to kick off, see you in 90 minutes!
 Biggest win in the league this weekend, I'm more than happy with that!


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