Why It's Ok To Say No To Brands

An email has popped up in my Gmail account, it's a brand asking me for a collaboration, which I have unfortunately have had to turn down. I turned it down because it wouldn't have fitted into my Instagram theme or blogging niche, which is ok.

Every brand that emails me may not be to my taste, or it could be something that isn't just for me. I used to feel incredibly guilty about turning down brands, I felt like I was letting them down by saying no. But I shouldn't have to feel sorry or guilt-stricken, in life you have to say no to stuff you don't want to do or don't feel comfortable in doing. I never want to be seen as a pushover.

At the end of the day, in blogging you're building up your personal/writing empire, so if a brand emails you and their product doesn't fit into that empire you're trying to build, then don't feel contrite, you've got to have guts and be totally head strong in this industry.

95% of the time, I accept collaborations with a brand because I've completely fallen in love with the product they're offering and I would love to include them on my blog and Instagram posts.

But if you're staring at the email, desperately trying to think how to reply to them saying no, just remember to be polite and reply promptly. Don't leave it until the end of the year when you're going through a clean up of your inbox and you see THE email and remember you haven't replied. The thing is, you can't please everyone. When it comes to blogging, you got to think about what's best for you and your blog. 

I know blogger's who won't work with brands unless they are offering cruelty free products to try out and promote, which is fine, actually it's more than fine, it's bloody brilliant. It shows to the brand that you have values and principals, something that you sometimes don't see nowadays.

So please, I beg of you to the lovely (cliché blogging word right there) blogger reading this, don't feel guilty or feel too downhearted for turning down a brand, as long as you reply to them politely and offer to work with them again in the future if they gave you the right opportunity, you've got nothing to worry about.

Have any other bloggers got any advice about this?
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