Blogging Photography - The Struggle

I'm sat down writing this post, well, I'm actually on the recumbent bike in the gym, and I get blog post inspiration, I don't half get blog inspiration in the weirdest places! Usually it's when I'm lying in bed at night or when I'm in the bath, but put a laptop in front of me, then my mind conveniently decides to go blank.

I'm digressing now. Yes, as I was saying, I get inspiration and I immediately start tapping my thoughts down on Notes on my IPhone. Then voila, a finished blog post. Hurrah with a capital H!

Then comes the dreaded thought that always creeps into my little brain - pictures. What blogging props or anything that resembles a good blogging prop are good to associate with the blog post I have just written?

Time to get my thinking cap on...nah, drawn a blank once again.

I know that I got Pixabay or Pexel stock photos as my backup if I need good pictures, but it's so much better when I'm able to photograph something myself rather than heavily relying on stock photo websites. I want my blog to have aesthetically pleasing photos, ones that are my own.
 But there lies the problems -

1. I'm no skilled photographer.
2. I only have my iPhone (which shouldn't matter I know, but all bloggers want the best camera going)
3. I'm not at my creative best this way.
I feel myself sliding into a creative slump when it comes to blogging photography. Even inspiration from my favourite bloggers and Pinterest sometimes can't rise me out of this slump. I also try and get photo inspiration from the Capture Your Style book.
I got to be fair though, compared to what my blogging photos looked like when I first entered blogger-verse, my photo's are a gazillion times better than they were back then. I look at them and cringe with pure embarrassment, but I was a beginner and had no clue whatsoever about how to take the most eye pleasing photos. Back then they were more eye watering than eye pleasing. When I first started, I had no idea of the importance of lighting, I'd never heard of the VSCO, I just thought it was initials for something and Olympus sounded like a car make to me! But thankfully I've learnt the A-Z of blogging photography - just.

With photo's, it's important to have your own style, it's good to have other blogger's photo's for inspiration, but I need to put my own spin on it, make it like something I could happily publish with a well written blog post.
But a note to new bloggers who have started thinking their photo's are s**t, this is all new to you and I promise you now, you will get better at it. I've said this before and I'll say it again, blogging is a huge learning curve, there's never a day goes by when I don't learn something new.

Do you struggle with your photography skills?
Leave me some tips below for others to see!

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