The Old Fashioned Photos Are Always Best

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*Inserts last photo in new Marble print photo album*
I've finally finished. Creating new albums kind of comes with a responsibility. It's like organising your Instagram grid (I definitely have a blogger's mind). Now, this is where I channel my inner Monica Gellar. I like to organise them by roughly the time they were taken (the day not the exact time!) it sounds quite sad I know, but it's true! I don't categorise them like Monica does though, I am not THAT organised.

Before the developed photos get inserted into an album, they obviously get printed from somewhere! Now, how do I take my photos? Well, I use my iPhone 8, the camera on it is fine for me. I then get them printed off through Photobox, I can't use them touch screen machine things at Tesco, I never end up printing the photos right! I either end up chopping someone's head off Henry VIII style or print off the wrong size altogether. Cameras are just as good an investment as anything though, especially if you're a keen photographer. For instance, this mirrorless camera from Panasonic is great if you want to make that huge venture in the photography game. Also this one also from Panasonic is another great option.

Whatever you use to take photos, whether it's your phone or camera, you're making and keeping instant memories. With developed photo's, they're lifetime memories. That's why I love the old Kodak style photos the best.

Remember the days when  you went to birthday parties and there used to be a Kodak throw away camera on the tables? You'd take a photo, (making sure that you pressed the flash button as you did) then you'd have to wind round the wheel thing at the top before taking the next photo. Then you'd have to wait a few days for Asda to develop the photos before you could pick them up. Your parents would practically disown you if you got your grubby thumb or finger prints on the photos. Ah, good times.

Photos back then seemed more treasurable and valuable. You didn't have to use your fingers to zoom in on it, back then the digital iPhone era felt like light years away.

There are reasons why I love Kodak photos:

1) They're memories you can look back on in years to come.
2) If (heaven forbid) something happens to your phone or iCloud account, at least you got back ups.
3) You can hand them down to your future children/nieces/nephews etc.
4) They can be used as a source of therapy, especially when a loved one has passed away and you want a picture of them to keep or frame.
So there we are, this is the reason, or reasons rather, why I love old fashioned photos.

I'd love to know what you think, do you have an outdated, vintage mind like me?
Or do you prefer the smartphone era for photography?


*This is a sponsored post but all Kodak photo views are my own.

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  1. Lovely post! I absolutely love collecting up photos and putting them in albums. Its great to be able to look back on memories we might have forgotten about over time.