Damn! I Feel Good!

Let me paint you a picture, it's Monday lunchtime, I'm taking blog photo's for another completely different blog post altogether, I'm wearing my casual/lounging about clothes, I glance at the mirror as I walk past it, I'm actually feeling pretty damn good! Not mentally as such right now, I've been on a downward spiral in terms of my mental health. I've still got lots of stuff floating around my mind, as I wrote in my Life Update a couple of weeks ago but physically I feel really good about myself.
Yes, that is a picture of me with a footballer in the background. What can I say?
This is completely unheard of and such an unforeseen thing for me to say, let alone share it on my blog.

I don't know about you, but my self esteem and confidence fluctuates quite a lot. One day I can walk outside in a crop top, yes, I repeat, a CROP TOP, feeling like one of those Instagram models that I can only dream to be as beautiful and as slim as, the next day, I could look in the mirror and just think "Nah, I shouldn't be seen out in public today, I'm a public violation" and just hide away behind my laptop browsing for things I can't afford.
All women have struggled with self esteem and body confidence at some point in their lives. I know I certainly have. But when you look in the mirror and you like the way you look that day, it can really make all the difference to your mood and confidence. You feel like you want to tell the whole world! Well, not be completely boastful about it, I don't want to come across pretentious.

This is why I took the advantage of this feeling I had on a Monday lunchtime, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped pictures of this feeling of pure happiness like there was no tomorrow.

I might possibly keep this photos saved on my phone too; whenever I have a bad day and feel like s**t, I'll just look back at them and think back to how self assured I felt that day when I looked at my iPhone camera.

There's nothing wrong in letting people know that you feel really good about yourself. It shows that your mental health is good and that you feel confident enough to be able to do the things you wouldn't normally dare to do. One thing that has helped my body positivity is writing a personal letter to my body . That felt very restorative for my mental health and body confidence.

So if you feel good, flaunt it and tell the whole world if you want to!

Let's end on a funny photo shall we?
Do you feel you should share when you're feeling body confident?

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