Story of 2018: Chapter Seven/Eight (Pages 211 - 217)

P A G E  211
I have had a productive Monday morning so far. I've exercised, taken my morning meds, taken a parcel back to New Look and also written a blog post. That is very productive in my humble opinion.
As I'm scrolling through Twitter, I notice this day trending -
Happy Friendship Day to all my wonderful friends! You have all made me the person I am today so thank you so much! (and of course I love you all so much!)
I just remembered, it's the Love Island final tonight! Which means -
I literally cannot wait to look at my Twitter and not see my timeline plastered with tweets from Love Island! I've waited for this day for the last eight weeks!
Onto something completely different now, I love what I'm wearing today -
The leggings are from Stradivarius (on ASOS) and they're so comfortable! Well, leggings generally are aren't they?

P A G E  212
I haven't got anything really planned for today. Just exercising and cleaning the house. Yep, a pretty boring Tuesday. Right, let's crack on before I decide to park my backside on the sofa all day!
So I've just picked my Mam up from work, she says she's treating the both of us to tea. A nice way to end my day because before that it's been pretty dead!

I'm literally salivating over the menu at the Llanwern Bull. I've decided to have the Chicken and Bacon Ranch Club Sandwich. I only had to look at the picture of it on the menu to make me choose it because it does look stunning.
Wow, I am well and truly stuffed. I seriously cannot eat another thing today. Well, maybe a teeny tiny snack in the evening. A girl's gotta eat right?!

P A G E  213
I'm feeling very upbeat this morning, to the point where I am really looking forward to going to the gym this morning. Wow, I am feeling really good this morning if I am looking forward to setting off for the gym this morning! Right, before I lose my motivation, let's go!
I've come home, dripping with sweat, and there's a parcel waiting for me on the floor of the porch -

I am absolutely loving Treatbox's August box! I have a real thing for the palm leaf pattern/print. It's such a lovely summery pattern!
It's 7pm, is it too early open this bottle of rose?

P A G E  214
Hmm...I was having such a lovely sleep, I turn and look at my bedside clock, its 8am. I think I'll have an extra half hour...wait, what the hell is that noise?!

What a stupid time to play in the pool! Now I'm wide awake. Thanks kids!
Seeing as I'm fully alert now than I was 5 minutes ago, I may as well get myself up and get going for the day.
My email pings just as I'm about to do a core workout, I get the most exciting news -
This has made my day already and it's not even 9:30am! It shows all the hard work is finally paying off! Now, what was I meant to be doing? Oh yeah, exercising! One sit up, two, three...
I'm having quite an odd day so far -
I'm having one of those days where my head is full of stuff and my brain is overthinking and I just want to hide away. Which is what I'll think I'll do for today.

P A G E  215
Ok, I ended yesterday's entry a little depressingly. But this morning's news isn't going to get any better -

I feel that down in the dumps that I don't want to eat breakfast. Oh my Lord, I am not myself AT ALL! I manage to gulp down a slice of toast. But that's all I can handle. Hopefully lunch time my appetite will make a speedy return. I got to do some treadmilling now, which I really don't feel like doing. I hope I snap out of this mood soon.
It really does, I had a small smile on my face whilst I was applying my foundation. I know what will cheer me up, I got a parcel from New Look and also one at M&S. Off I go!
I'm off to bed in a bit, I've gorged down a takeaway, which tasted stunning, I've finished a blog post this evening and got one ready for posting tomorrow. I do love a productive evening. Goodnight!
Let's hope I feel better tomorrow eh?

P A G E  216
It's 8am, I got another half hour sleep left in me I think...oh god, I hear a familiar sound! -

She always does this on the weekend! It's like she doesn't want me to have a lie in! She is literally lying inside the bed, budging my leg out of the way to get enough room. Sod off Lily!
I look at the clock -
A couple of people have replied to this tweet saying that they do too. I always do this at 11:11. I always wish for the same thing but you never know!

P A G E  217
There is some sad news on Twitter this morning -

Remember Chucklevision? It was so silly but we all loved it. It's so sad. To me, to you.
I'm trying to take some blogging photos and there's something missing -
They look so lovely in my bedroom. It's given the room a little bit of colour! Now that I've taken the blogging photos I need, it's time to sit out in the sunshine and get a little colour on my arms. Well, my skin turns red before tanning properly in the sun but still!


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