Why Watches Are Better Than Smart Phones

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When I was in school, I always wore a watch, I owned a (what I thought was super cool) a Roxy pink wrist watch and I thought I was the bees knees flashing it around school whilst other kids didn't wear one and just relied on the wall clock in the classroom to tell them how long was left of the boring lesson.

I never relied on my phone to tell me the time. Well because if I rummaged for my phone during the lesson then that would have been me staying five minutes with the teacher after lesson to explain my actions. If you wanted to keep your phone and your pride in tact, wear a watch or look at the clock on the wall.

I stopped wearing a watch for years, since the smart phones were introduced, I heavily relied on them to tell me the time. But I'm definitely more for the wrist watch to tell me the time.

When I got this InStyleCo watch, all my teenage wrist watch memories came flooding back. I love the world map as the dial background. It gives it that little bit of a vintage look.

The younger generation are probably wondering if anyone does wear watches these days, well, I'm here to tell you that watches aren't completely obsolete.

So yes, I love to keep track of time by the old fashioned watch rather than a smart phone, here are a few reasons why you should wear a watch too:

"I don't need a watch, I have my phone" - a very common response, but wearing one for a quick glance for the time is easier than rifling through your bag to find your smart phone.
Watches can be a very classy accessory on your wrist. In my opinion, wearing one can make you look very smart and clever. For women, a watch can be a good fashion accessory. Especially a rose gold watch, who doesn't love rose gold?!

What I mean by that is, if you check your phone for the time, you won't feel the need to do a mini social media check and scroll, even though you're only checking for the time. So wearing a watch is a good way to keep you from being glued to your phone, well, kind of.
I'm a girl who loves the traditional and more old fashioned things in life, whether it's Kodak style photograph's or reading an actual paperback book rather than on a Kindle, so watches certainly come into that category.
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You may thank me later!
Are you a watch lover like me?
Or do you rely on your smart phone to tell you the time?
*This is a sponsored post and all watch wearing views are my own.

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