Story: 2018 - Chapter Three/Four (Pages 85 - 91)

P A G E  85
I've woken up this morning, freezing cold, wanting and wishing for some warm weather. Well, technically, it is British Summer Time, so when are we going to see this warm weather? Not very soon! But at least I can wear this lovely jumper for a little bit longer - 

P A G E  86
I've just sat down with my cuppa, catching up with the news on Good Morning Britain, but apparently I wasn't meant to be in Wales today - 
Yep, silly me, I was meant to be in Moscow today (insert face palm emoji here). Fortunately, and I never thought I'd be happy to say this, I'm going to work. I couldn't help but giggle to myself after I found out what the Science lesson was going to be about today -
It was a pretty fun experiment, it was weird to watch healthy kids have their lung capacity tested! Before you all mouth 'What the f**k?' the experiment was to blow through a tube and blow as much water out of the 2 litre as they could. The results were quite interesting!

P A G E  87 
We've reached hump day! One more day in work after today and I have 17 days off! Boom! Roll on tomorrow! But anyway, I have another day to get through.
After an afternoon at church for an Easter service (for my class in work) it was time to come home to a delivery from Topshop -
This bag is now my summer bag, it's been assigned this label. So I need it to be summer, like NOW.

P A G E  88
I'm about to start scrolling through Twitter and this pops up on the top of my timeline -

Have I really been limiting my vocabulary to make my tweets fit into the character limit for 9 years?!
I'm about to skip into work now for my last day for 17 days! Have I already mentioned that? Whoops! Sorry.
And I am free! To make my day even better, I came home to this from my Mam -
This being an adult thing is incredibly hard at this time of year, I have managed to resist the temptation of buying Easter Eggs before, but now my Mam does this to me?! I need some serious willpower to keep this bunny uneaten by Sunday. Hmm....

P A G E  89
My first day off and already this morning I have done over an hour's worth of exercise and I channeled my inner Monica Gellar -    
A job I kind of wish I hadn't started, but after a stressful 45 minutes of piling my clothes on the bed and fighting with approximately 32 coat hangers, I managed to put my clothes back in my wardrobe in colour order, it does look a lot more organised now. Plus I have realised that I own a lot of black clothes. Too much I think.
After channeling my inner Monica Gellar, it is time to bring out the Joey Tribbiani in me and stuff my face at Frankie & Benny's with my beaut of a best friend, Lucy.
It’s always a pleasure to have friends like this one is, even if the time we were together today all we talked about was food.
I've just come home and I find this one on my bed -

P A G E  90
Nice and fresh from my visit to the gym for a gruesome workout, it's time for the football. I don't half miss the Premier League when it's the international break, last weekend I felt lost without that and Saturday Night Takeaway, but let's settle down and watch a nervy 90 minutes against Crystal Palace!
*Update - a 2-1 win, get in!
A lovely way to start my Saturday afternoon!
Watching Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway feels weird with seeing Dec host the show on his own, but oh my word, I think half the nation are rooting for him to do well tonight, as I am! -
90 minutes later -

P A G E  91
Happy Easter Sunday everyone! I've still been able to resist my Lindt chocolate bunny and I shall be enjoying it later on.
*Update -
There we are. It's out of the gold wrapper and it's now in my belly. I hope you all have had a lovely Easter Sunday! All I've done today is taking and editing photos and do a core workout which I know is going to hurt in the morning.


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