My Blog Reads of April

One thing I would like to do more of this year is to share the blog love and give a shout out to some of the blog posts that have had me nodding in agreement or have had me in awe of their creative writing talent!

1) 9 Apps For Beautiful Instagram Stories | Alina Ermilova
I love posts giving app recommendations regarding social media and blogging etc. It gives me and the readers the opportunity to try apps we never heard of. Alina has given some great apps here about how to customise our Instagram stories. One suggestion, Unfold, has immediately become my favourite app and I use it all the time to announce new blog posts and create collages.
2) Why Friends Is One Of My Favourite TV Shows | Charlotte Rose
Anyone who writes a post about Friends are my kind of people. Friends is one of my favourite comedy's of all time. Like Charlotte said, watching it does put you in a better mood and I think I can safely say is that we all relate to at least one character from Friends. Mine would be Joey, I don't share food and I could eat all day if I felt like it! To answer Charlotte's question at the end, my favourite episode is "The One With The Embryo's". He's a transmonster!
Abbi is one of my newest blogger discoveries and I can honestly say this post blew me away. What she said is completely true. I think that some people who do start blogging think that they're going to get freebies from brands. Let me tell you, that is NOT true, blogging is all about the writing, you have to work hard to get recognised by other brands and be asked to collaborate with them. As Abbi said, the pressure that is put on bloggers to perfect their Instagram feed and edit our pictures and also write good content is quite overwhelming.
I love buying new clothes, whether it's for a special occasion or just for everyday wear, I'm just a complete fashion addict. I'm a lot better than I used to be in regards to buying clothes, I've cut back A LOT. Sophie's post had me reliving my old habits and she had me nodding in complete agreement at the clothing habits she's trying to kick. One example that Sophie wrote was buying clothes which I have no cause to wear them for, I'm guilty for that habit myself!

5) 15 Reasons Why I'll Never Be A 'Big-Blogger' | Nettle & Blackberry
 I nodded in agreement with most of the reasons Imii had written in this post. It's safe to say that I have absolutely no chance of becoming a big blogger, unless a miracle happens. But Imii said one thing in this post that struck me (in an honest way!) that she'll never feel like she can be a big blogger because of her own insecurities and worries. That literally epitomises why I feel I cant take the big jump and become a big blogger, not that its a huge priority, because it's no, far from it.

Let me know your favourite blog posts of the month in the comments below!


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