Story: 2018 - Chapter Four (Pages 92 - 98)

P A G E  92
Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you all! I have started my day with a spot of exercise on the treadmill and also an arm workout. So I'm treadmilling away, sweating my buns off giving my lungs a good pounding, and this happens -

Surely I can't be the only one?! It's just such a random place!
I'm off out to go food shopping and I get a text from my bestie Tasha asking to meet up for a drink in Costa - well, it was going to be Costa, then I thought, where's the place that everyone goes to on a Bank Holiday? The pub, of course!
I've come home, thinking I need a couple of things from Boots. Well -
No, I am not even sorry. Now if you'll excuse me, I am about to dig in to ham and parsley sauce dinner.

P A G E  93
It's 8:05am, while most people are swearing whilst stuck in traffic jams, I'm cwtched up in bed pondering what I'm going to do today -

Sorry to rub it in.
I'm up and I've had breakfast, done some exercise, washed, dried and curled my hair, picked up my parcel from Boots, now I have a couple of hours free until I go out for a meal later with my Mam and Nan. A late birthday treat for her 84th birthday, for my Nan, not my mother. I should have written that more clearly. I love the place we're going to for the meal, purely because of this -
P A G E  94 
Yes, it's true, I'm already nervous for tonight's game. But I've got about 536 things on my to do list for today so that should keep my mind occupied.
Now then, I've completed half the things on my to do list, the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.
I'm now settled down for the football and you won't be seeing me until at least 9:45pm.
*Update - 3-0 win in the first leg!

P A G E  95
Ooh, I love waking up in this great mood. It really sets me up for the day! So I'm up, dressed in my gym gear and I start taking some quick blogging photos and this happens -
Yep, I nearly fell off the bed. That would have been awkward to explain to a doctor in A&E if I had hurt myself. But I got took some banging blogging photos so it doesn't seem so bad.

P A G E  96 
If this happens tomorrow in the Merseyside Derby, I think I will scream the whole of Newport down if I see his name in the starting line up tomorrow!
I've had a weird afternoon, I kind of got stuff done, but I kind of didn't. If that makes any sense to you all. Also in the world of Twitter, this happened -
It's really weird! The phone app is down, but Twitter for my laptop is fine. Weird.
But I kept myself busy by purchasing this -
It's taken me a long time but I've finally done it! Now the magazine cannot come through my letterbox quick enough!

P A G E  97

I've tweeted this at 9:22am, so you got about three hours to talk to me before I focus on the match today. I got loads to do before the match so if you'll excuse me!
So I've just got into the car after picking up my prescription from the chemist, I eagerly tap the Twitter icon on my phone to find out what the line-up for today's game, I see a certain someone's name on the team sheet -
Yep, I might have gotten a few weird looks when I kind of screamed in my car in full public, oh well!
*Update - a 0-0 draw, could have gone worse!
Now it's time to head out for a girly shopping trip with one of my besties, Gabby!
We also stopped at Costa for hot chocolate and a piece of cake, well, it's a must really isn't it?
We strolled into New Look and I ended up making new makeup brushes to add to the other 14 I already have, plus this -
I cannot wait for the warmer weather so I can wear it!

P A G E  98
It's 3:30pm and I've realised that I haven't had the most productive Sunday in the world. I've taken a couple of blogging photos, done some exercise, buying clothes online and that's about it. One thing did catch my eye with this bag on New Look's website -
Yeah, very odd! I think it's cream! What do you think?
Tonight I've decided to treat me an my Mam to a takeaway because I'm hungry and I cannot be bothered to cook! But when you're starving -
Yep, this is me right now, in the window, begging the delivery man to get to my house quicker.
*Update - it was delish!


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