Story: 2018 - Chapter Four (Pages 106 - 112)

P A G E  106
I'm awake. It's 6:00am. I can't cope with the early alarm.
I've been up for over an hour now, I look at the clock -

No, I'm not counting at all! (A little of sarcasm there). Time to set off for my first day back!
...So I've made it through my first day back at work. It's been a busy one, but it's been lovely to see the kids and the teachers I work with! I've come to a lovely parcel from Boots though -
Yes! I love the colours, they're gorgeous and two lovely shades of pink! Thanks to everyone who recommended different nail polish brands to me in a tweet I wrote on Saturday. Essie was the eventual winner after a few people sent me DM's saying how good the brand is.

P A G E  107
So I've just come home, I've gotten changed into my gym gear, set off downstairs, turned my laptop on, got a yoga video up on YouTube (the first time I've ever tried yoga!) after half hour, I've given up!
I seriously couldn't do it! Well, I could do some of the moves, but I really think yoga is only for tall people! I'm only 5ft 3, but it was still shocking that I couldn't place my heels on the yoga mat when I was in the downward dog position! I am seriously inflexible, something I definitely need to work on!

P A G E  108
The mini heatwave is happening! 18 degrees and I'm sunning it up! work. Bloody brilliant.

I got to be fair, the weather is the perfect temperature today, it's not too hot, it's just right.
So I've picked my Mam up from work, I cannot believe that she has a tan ALREADY after just one day!  
It's so not fair! My Mam has always been able to tan easily, I wish I was the same.

P A G E  109
It's going to be the hottest day of the year, I'm stuck in work - again. This morning I am dreaming of being somewhere else right now - 
This was taken in Liverpool in February. Boy, what I would give to stroll through Albert Dock in this beautiful sunshine right now. But it's off to work I go!
I've come home from work, I'm doing my standard social media scroll and there's one thing that seems to be a very popular picture on Instagram stories -
I think it's pretty much the norm isn't it? Take a picture of the sky, a cool drink with the lush blue sky in the background and put the temperature somewhere in the background. Yep, pretty standard.

P A G E  110
It's Heatwave - Day Two, well, what I thought it was going to be a heatwave - I've woken up to FOG. Seriously, fog?! I'm sat in my car waiting to go into work, kind of feeling regretful that I didn't some form of coat or jacket.
Thankfully, the weather has turned a lot warmer this afternoon, so it's time to put my shades on and get into that Friday feeling!
But Friday evening brought some really sad and shocking news -

We've lost Dale Winton also in the last couple of days, it's so sad. Avicii made one of my all time favourite songs - Wake Me Up, his songs were the best summer anthems to listen to in the car or just in general. 28. Way too young.

P A G E  111
I'm awake at 7:30am on a Saturday, but surprisingly, I feel quite refreshed and alert. I've jumped out of bed, put my gym gear on and shot off downstairs for breakfast, because you know, priorities and all that.
I've done some exercise, been to Boots, washed my hair, dried it, straightened it and done my makeup before 12:30pm. That's got to be some kind of a record! So now I'm settled down to watch the football, five minutes after kick off, this happens -

I've waited two and a half years for this moment! I can't imagine how Danny Ings must have felt when he scored! He's been through two horrendous knee injuries over the last couple of years, so it was a huge moment!
*Update - it finishes 2-2, so frustrating!
I'm about to take a couple of blog photos, then a notification from Instagram flashes up on my phone -
Yes. That has certainly made my Saturday!

P A G E  112
Ok, I feel more calm this morning and I think I've fully recovered from yesterday's hyperness of my favourite player scoring in the game yesterday afternoon, well, I hope I have anyway.
So, let's get on with Sunday, in a nice chilled manner. First of all, I want to wish some people good luck -

Yes, it's the London Marathon today. I don't envy anyone who is running this tough challenge today. I shall be pretending to run the marathon by doing a session on the treadmill this morning -
That does count, right?


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