Decisions, Decisions

Which coat do I like better? Shall I have another glass of wine? Do I watch Friends on Netflix? Do I message him first?

Decisions, decisions! Everyday we have to use our brain to choose what choice is best suited to our needs. Some decisions I make are good ones, but more often or not they’re mistakes. Then I’m left saying those awful words “I wish I didn’t do that” or “Why the hell did I think that was a good idea?!”. There’s nothing worse than living with that regret of knowing you could have made a better choice.
Now, I am one for being quite a neutral decision maker. What I mean by this is that I can sometimes make a quick decision when need be, but then other times I can take a lifetime to reach a decision, especially if I have a lot of time to make a choice.

I kind of want to start correcting that now. It’s always better to be a decisive person than a indecisive one that umms and arrs about things.

Here are some ways you can make good decisions and be certain about it:

This is a good way to help yourself with making a decision. But please don’t target a silly time like say next year! Say that you need to make a decision by, for example, 12pm tomorrow. This leads me nicely to my next idea...

Just do the method that has passed through hundreds of years through time - sleep on it. You’ll know when you get up in the morning what choice you want to make. Does it really help? Well, it has for me before. But everybody’s different.

A very simple but sometimes complicated way to make a decision. It’s easy for you to write down the pros and cons of the choice you need to make, but sometimes that can mess up your head even more. Don’t do a pros and cons list for relationships though. Ross from Friends learnt that the hard way.

Discussing your dilemma with loved ones always helps. They’re the ones that give you the best advice. I hope that my friends would give me the advice I need to hear and not what I want to hear.

This is good when you’re making a huge life changing decision. Whether it’s deciding to take a new job, move to another city or even country, moving out of your parents house, consider and think everything through. The financial aspects, the lifestyle choice and your happiness have got to be well thought through.

Do you have your own ways of making big decisions?

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