Story: 2018 - Chapter Four (Pages 113 - 119)

P A G E  113
I've woken up to the most stinking cold. Not the bestest start to my week. One thing that does annoy me when I put my makeup on when I have a cold though -

What is the point?! When you blow your nose and it just gets rubbed off on the tissue. May as well just apply foundation around my nose!
I've just come home from work to some really lovely news -
It is so refreshing to hear some good news rather than miserable news!

P A G E  114
My cold is getting worse, I think it's travelling down to my chest. So I'm not in the best mood this morning. But let's fight on, I'm planning to go to the gym after I finish work, I won't let it beat me!
One thing that has got me through work today is knowing Liverpool are playing tonight. The only thing that can lift my spirits today is if they win.
*Update - a 5-2 win!

P A G E  115
God i'm feeling rough this morning. It's Day Four of this cold and I'm not feeling any better. I'm still in good spirits though, I think Liverpool wining last night is certainly a huge pick-me-up right now. But I didn't realise when I got dressed for work this morning, I kind of resembled a character from Friends (well, her fashion sense anyway!)

I never realised until I came home from work and started watching Friends on Comedy Central, in Season Two when Rachel was working at that famous coffee shop.

P A G E  116
Listen to this question I got asked in work today -

I honestly couldn't give her a straight answer! But it did get me thinking, what medicine do I tolerate the most? Hmm...umm...arr...nope. Nothing.
In other headline news, this cold is still with me. *sigh*

P A G E  117
It's Friday, I'm not in the best mood. It's because I know I'm going to starting some oral antibiotics at some point today.

Yes, one of Cipro's side effects is that your skin can get easily burnt, especially in the Summer months. Also I can't drink milk for the next fortnight, unless I want to throw up my cereal every morning.
One thing that did cheer me up today is that I had my hair cut -
I always feel better when I've had my hair done. I can't be the only person who feels this way?!

P A G E  118
I'm up a little early on this Saturday morning. Not because of lack of sleep or because a cat literally sitting on my face to wake me up. But I'm off to a christening. This means I'm missing Liverpool's match which is on live today. The things I sacrifice for loved ones. But still, it's going to be a nice day!

I'm sat in the church, wondering what the Liverpool score is. It's kind of like torture. But still, I'm in a church, I'll pray for a good result.
What a lovely service! I'm off to the do now! But before I set off in my car, let me check the score - a 0-0 draw. Really?! Obviously my prayers weren't answered.
P A G E  119
I'm up and I'm already thinking of my to do list. I wish I'd stayed in bed. But still, let's get a move on!
First things first, I'd like to send a good luck message to one of my dear friends -
*Update - she completed it in 1 hour and 7 minutes. Beyond proud!
This Sunday afternoon, I'm sat here, drinking a lovely cup of green tea, pondering about my birthday in 12 days time. This got me thinking -
Yes, I'm quite happy to just not do anything for my 25th birthday this year. It's not a big one. I may as well keep my head down and let it pass me by.
It's 9pm, I'm about to start moaning about Sunday night TV, a particular type of program comes on -
Oh I do love a Royal Family program!


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