Lookbook - It's Summer (well, not quite)

I wish I could say that it's Summer. But unfortunately we're at the point weather-wise where we can't decide whether we should wear a coat or risk it without. Do I? Don't I? So frustrating. But this little mini heatwave we've had in the last few days has made my decision a whole lot easier. Sandals have been worn and not a single coat has been required.

I like to be the rebel and go outside without a coat (I know, devilish right?!) but then immediately regret once I get out of the car and have to walk to wherever I am going. I certainly know that it's not shorts and t-shirt weather yet, but I wanted to Lookbook these items before they fly off the shelves just before Summer begins -
Excuse my paleness!

Obviously a plain white t-shirt you can buy anywhere in any clothes shop on Earth. The shorts are from H&M , the bag is from Topshop , the necklace is from H&M also and the leopard print sandals are from ASOS. A lovely summer outfit which can certainly be worn again and again!

What do you think of this outfit?

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