Story: 2018 - Chapter Four (Pages 99 - 105)

P A G E  99
It's the start of a new week, I got some errands to run today, but I'm sat here, in a very wanting mood -
Yes, I have that "I want all these things but can't have them" head on today. Not the best kind of mood to start my day off with.
But then things perked up a little bit -
I bought a couple of things from ASOS last night so I can't really afford to buy anymore unless I want to go overdrawn!

P A G E  100
I know I've only been off work for 11 days but I certainly haven't missed the early mornings. I'm up early this morning because of a hospital appointment. I'm half asleep at the moment so bear with me! I got to get to Cardiff by 10:15 so I'm off out! -
Yep, so it wasn't a complete disaster, but I've had better clinic appointments! However, I did get a little present from the physio department -
Honestly, unless you have CF, you have absolutely no idea of the excitement when you get a new E-Flow nebuliser!
The only thing that can cheer me up this evening is if Liverpool get through to the semi finals of the Champions League. A little win or draw would be immense!
*Update - a 2-1 win! GET IN!
Oh my word. What a night! This has certainly put me in a much better mood!

P A G E  101 
Yes, apparently it's #NationalPetDay (according to my Twitter trends). I love these two munchkins to bits and I wouldn't change them for the world!
I'm eagerly awaiting the postman this morning, I know he's going to be posting me something I've been waiting days for now! Hang on a minute, I just heard something being posted through my letterbox...IT'S HERE!
Hallelujah! I've finally subscribed myself to this magazine after being a blogger for almost 18 months! I've got the kettle on and i'm about to cwtch down on the settee and give this a good thorough read.
I'm playing around on my phone and I've just read a blog post which has made me download a new app -
Seriously, if you want to do fancy Instagram stories, download this app, it's amazing.

P A G E  102
I'm awake it's 6:30am, I already feel like it's going to be a long day. I haven't slept very well and have come up with a solution to what to do next -

Yep, I got myself up, changed and shot out of the door at 7:00am to do a good exercise session. I thought it might of woken me up a bit, to be honest, it hasn't really help my tiredness! But I did have to get up early because I'm off out to eat one of these bad boys -

P A G E  103
I've just finished exercising, I'm changed and now I'm about to go out to place my bets at the betting shop for the Grand National tomorrow! 

As you can see, I've picked five horses, either because the name of the horse has stood out or they are favourites to win. Before he passed away 7 years ago my Grandad always taught me to pick the horse which name jumps out at you from the page (well, not literally, but you know what I mean). It's worked for me before, it will hopefully work for me again!
Well, I'm hungry now. Time to go to the pub I think!
It was stunning. I am now stuffed.
I've been doing a lot of blogging stuff since I've come home. I'm currently trying to forget the bloatedness I feel after that hefty meal I had at the pub. My blogging friend, Luke, tweeted that he had emailed a brand for a collaboration for the first time, something I've been chickening out on doing myself for months and months. But what the hell -
Keeping my fingers crossed, I need you all to send good vibes my way!

P A G E  104
I've come to a realisation this morning -
Seriously, they are. If it wasn't for the fact that I have just put myself through a sweaty workout, I'd have happily kept my gym clothes on all day. But rather than sit in sweaty gym gear all day, let's get changed and get on with the rest of Saturday.
I've a very productive few hours. I've cleaned my car, scrubbed the kitchen down, cleaned my bedroom, done some ironing and done my physio. I love having productive days, it makes the day go quicker and it makes me feel good when I get stuff done. Now I am about to sit down with a cuppa -
Yep, real hardcore there.
After watching the Grand National (well done Tiger Roll!) and watching only one out of my five horses I bet on come in the top 5, it's now time to settle down and watch my lovely Red's.
*Update - a 3-0 win! -
P A G E  105 
A very sad day for Liverpool Football Club, it's still as raw and heartbreaking today as it was 29 years ago. I'm just going to leave it here for today.


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