Story: 2018 - Chapter 2 (Pages 50 - 56)

P A G E  50
Greetings from Liverpool! After a lovely Sunday evening at Yard & Coop and having a couple of drinks at Pump House, me and my Mam were ready for today's antics in the city of Scouse!

Our morning took us to the majestic Anfield for a tour of the stadium. It was my Mam's first time to Anfield so it was that extra bit special. Now, a little question for you guys, guess which shirt I practically ran to in the dressing room to grab a picture with?...

Of course it was Danny Ings! Who else?! Absolutely made up that I got a picture with his shirt, it would have been even better if he was actually sat next to me wearing it, but you can't have everything! But I did manage to catch glimpse of one of the team in Liverpool One...
Yes, I casually smiled and strolled past Emre Can whilst en route to the LFC store. Ironic.
After seeing my Scouse mate Sam and her little one, eating out (again!) it was time to settle down for night, knowing I'm going home tomorrow has put me in a slightly flat mood.

P A G E  51
I get up after a lush night's sleep, why are hotel beds some damn comfortable to the point you never want to get up?! Anyway, I get up looking at the stuff that needs to be packed before I check out of the hotel. I do that then decide to venture out on my own for an hour and take some wonderful photos on Albert Dock, The Strand and Pier Head. A little adventure for myself has made me smile.
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So I'm sat down in the train station waiting for the train home, my Mam goes to the toilet, as she walks back, she casually said hello to someone familiar -
The one time I didn't need a wee and she my Mam sees Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher before he hops on his train to London!

P A G E  52
So day one after my weekend away and I feel a little flat. But the excitement of my plans tonight make me forget my flatness about leaving Liverpool.

I've been waiting for a whole year for the third and final Fifty Shades film! It certainly didn't disappoint!
A few things to take from the film, they need to make another film somehow, Jamie Dornan has a good singing voice and I need a security guard as stunning as Sawyer in my life.

P A G E  53
I'm getting up and thinking about having a quiet day. I feel like I haven't stopped since, well, I can't remember a day when I had a less productive sort of day. I'm feeling quite nostalgic today as it has been two years since this unforgettable day -
How fast have these two years gone?! Oh, someone please take me back to Melwood!
So yes, I've had quite a lazy day today, but I have got a bit of blogging stuff done and I have had this song on repeat since I heard it in the Fifty Shades Freed film last night -

P A G E  54
The only thing that I have to write down today is that I have a new found love for bralets. They are so much more comfortable than normal bras and they're much prettier! For example, this one I bought from Boux Avenue is so pretty and dainty -  

P A G E  55
It feels like millenniums since Liverpool last played, I've been looking forward to this for 10 days! And of course my boys didn't disappoint! A nice 4-1 win to put a smile on my face this Saturday afternoon! 

P A G E  56
This time last week I was en route to Liverpool, 'sigh'. So I have taken my mind off that by having quite a productive Sunday, I've cleaned the car out, done some exercise and made a head start on a (hopefully) a new project and I've written and finished two new blog posts. But now it's 7:51pm, I'm sat down all relaxed and it's finally just dawned on me that I'm back in work tomorrow after nine days off. 

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