The Perks of being single on Valentines Day

The day of love has come around again. Happy Valentines Day everyone! I started seeing all the pink and red hearted themed Valentines products carefully stacked and presented on the shelves in stores. I'm literally walking into the shops at the moment and different shades of red and pink are piercing my eyes.
I shall be single on February 14th. Like I have for the last...well, couple of years. But, honestly, it's all good! Over the years I have learnt that there are quite a few perks to being single on the worldwide day of love. Here they are:

For the last few weeks, the sweet stuff has been everywhere you look. In heart shaped boxes, heart shaped lollipops, personalised chocolate boxes etc. There's you thinking that you can't buy or receive anything like that because you're single. PAH! Be daring boys and girls, buy it and if the checkout girl/boy asks, say it's for the one you love - they'll never know...
Today restaurants, bars and cinemas will be packed with couples staring into each others eyes lovingly, feeding each other (if they're that brave to in a public place) and saying I love you across the table. It's better to stay in, pig out on those chocolates that you've bought for your 'someone special' (like I said in the first perk) and eat to your hearts content. 
Yes, this day does fall on Valentine's Day! Well, people recognise this day on the 14th, but the official day is the 15th. Yeah, being single is bloody amazeballs! There are lots of pros of being single, but the cons also even that out. Like, the thought of being alone forever, wondering if I'll ever meet my perfect man, will be sat on the shelf forever?...right, let's move on to the next perk before I buy a bottle of vodka to swallow my chocolates with and drown my sorrows.
Hair removal is taken to another level on Valentine's Day. Girls, and even boys feel they got to be as smooth as slinky silk. Being single means you can be a hairy Mary for the day, even afterwards, but on Valentine's Day, you have the tedious and strenuous task of getting in the bath/shower and shaving your legs with a Venus razor. There's always that worry that you're going to miss a bit and there will be a stubble patch on the back of your thigh. I can't even imagine what other places are shaved, or, if you're feeling incredibly courageous, waxed. The pain of it, my goodness, doesn't bear thinking about.

I can imagine how packed Ann Summers is at this time of year. Yes ladies, you want to impress your man, it's near 'bedtime' and you want to show off a slinky, lacy, barely there chemise that you've purchased. Great for your boyfriend, but then it gets ripped off, what's the point?! One thing about being single, I can curl up in my cat onesie and not worry about how I'll look in just my underwear.  

Singletons don't have to panic buy or pay an extortionate fee on a Valentine's Day gift. I can just go out and treat myself to something pretty instead. Can't fault that.
Before everyone jumps on the bandwagon and says that I'm being a bit anti relationship and anti love, I want to be in a relationship, I need to find the right man first, whoever and whenever that may be, he's out there. I know what I'm looking for, hopefully I'll find what I'm looking for one day soon. But for now, if you'll excuse me, I shall be getting my nails done and celebrating my Mam's birthday!
What are your plans for Valentine's Day?

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