Story: 2018 - Chapter 1/2 (Pages 29 - 35)

P A G E  29
Monday has come around again. Please take me back to bed with a cuppa. One thing that is going to get me through the day is I'm going to a family friends house for tea. She is a mean cook. I'm already savouring at the thought as I eat my chicken salad sandwiches for my lunch. 
I think this is the bloggiest tweet I've ever written! Shows how much my brain has been converted to a blogger brain!

P A G E  30
What a dismal, foggy morning! I hate driving in the fog, especially through the country lanes, you can't sod all of what's going on in front of you! I've got through today knowing my Reds are playing tonight. After losing the last two matches, I was feeling hopeful but wary of tonight's game.
Update* - a 3-0 win!
P A G E  31
I'm about to have my lunch in work and this happened -
Oh my good God. That's the epitome of a CF person's nightmare. I couldn't believe it. But thank heavens I had enough Creon 10,000's (which I take for snacks) to cover my lunch!
I also had an opticians to get my eyes checked (well, obviously). Am I the only person who likes getting their eyes checked? Yes? Just me? Alright then.

P A G E  32
Hello February!
I have a huge amount of amazing plans for this month, so I can't wait to see how it pans out! I'm always happy to say goodbye to January, I'm not the biggest fan of it. Everybody seems miserable and downhearted all the time.

P A G E  33

It's Friday! I'm already thinking about all the things I need to get done this weekend, it's ridiculous how much I need to catch up on! I can't wait for this evening to come home so I can sit down with a glass of wine.
P A G E  34
I'm snuggled up in bed, it's 8:30am, there's knocking on my bedroom door, it opens, my cat Lily strolls in, jumps on my bed and sneezes in my face. There's me thinking that I could have a lovely lie in on this Saturday morning.  

 I start doing some exercise in my new Fabletics gym gear:
...and this happens:
I would seriously like to know if this has happened to any other blogger! After I took my Mam over to her friends for the evening, I got home, sat down with a cuppa and wrote three blog posts, edited my pictures and watched the Voice. A very productive Saturday evening in my opinion.

P A G E  35
Today is World Cancer Day. I hope to God that there will be a cure for this horrific illness.
 Also Liverpool were playing Spurs at Anfield. Another sweaty palmy afternoon was on the cards.
*Update: a 2-2 draw was the final result. But I'm not all too pleased!
I posted a new blog post today about my dream career and what my ultimate dream job would be. After I watched the game today, I managed to write my first full match report! 768 words and noisy typing later, I did it! I know it's probably not up to scratch, but it's a start! Read my latest post to get a better idea of my dream job.


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