Story: 2018 - Chapter 2 (Pages 43 - 49)

P A G E  43
I'm writing this on the Tuesday because of this happening on the Monday -
Yes, I come home from work to try and ring the chemist to sort out a prescription, I pick up the phone and the line is dead. Which means there is no internet. Great. But it has done me the world of good having an internet detox. I got so much done on the Monday evening. But I had the weirdest start to my Monday morning -
I can't even explain this. I honestly don't know how this happened.

P A G E  44
I said a welcome back to my Wi-Fi this afternoon! My day hasn't been so great as I've had the most horrendous pain in my back. Thank goodness it feels better this evening. I hope you all enjoyed eating and making your pancakes today! Unfortunately I am in the small minority who didn't make or eat any, but it's weirdly interesting to see what your favourite pancake toppings are! Also it's this day -
Now it's time for bed and get a good night's sleep before my big annual review tomorrow morning at Llandough.

P A G E  45
What a busy day I have had! It is my Mam's birthday! 

I also had my annual review down Llandough Hospital today. It took me an hour and a half to get there from the time I left my house to when I walked through the clinic's doors. I was so stressed and having to face a hospital appointment was not the ideal way to de-stress. But it was worth the journey of swearing at traffic and nearly having an accident on the motorway -
 Also Happy Valentine's Day!
Hope you all have a lush day! Whether you are single like me or in a loving relationship!
Also Liverpool are playing tonight -
Yes, the year was 2009 when Liverpool last reached this stage in the Champions League. I was 15. Jeez, how time flies. It's time for a sweaty and nervy 90 minutes now...
*Update* a 5-0 AWAY win!
P A G E  46
Going into work, it was lovely to get a string of "How did you get on yesterday at the hospital?" questions as I walked in. It's nice to know people care. I haven't tweeted anything good today, so here's my Instagram post from today instead:

P A G E  47
I'm watching the One Show, and one of the guests on there looks awfully familiar... 
I love seeing or hearing things or people that remind me of my childhood, I remember watching Balamory so much when I was in hospital when I was a kid, on that little mini TV/phone/radio. Also, it's half term! It's nine days off work for me starting today! I've just had my nails done, now it's time to think about packing my suitcase...

P A G E  48
So as I said at the end of page 47, I'm packing my suitcase. Yes, I'm heading off to Liverpool! A two night stay which starts tomorrow. I cannot wait to set off for my happy place in the morning. So I'm having a busy afternoon, packing and getting stuff done before tomorrow, completely unaware that there is an supposed earthquake happening in Wales!

Yes, most people seemed to feel the tremors, but not me. Weird.

P A G E  49
The day is here! I've got my suitcase and my medication bag by the door ready and it's off to the train station I go! See you in two days!

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