Story: 2018 - Chapter 2 (Pages 36 - 42)

P A G E  36
Back to it this Monday morning. It is absolutely frigging freezing! I listened to the weather forecast this morning and they said that it was going to be the coldest week we've had this winter! Whoop-dee-bloody-do! I'm sat down, trying to fight the temptation to bite my nails. God I am desperate to have them done! 
 One of my amazing friends does nails as a sideline to her current job. She's a beaut!

P A G E  37
We're day two into the coldest week of winter and oh my goodness, it's getting colder. Even when wearing a coat, scarf and gloves on, that cold air manages to make its way through your thermals to make you shiver! To top off my day in work, this happened... 

This felt like the longest 25 minutes of my life. Trying in desperate vain to keep warm by jogging on the spot and even getting the kids in work to copy me didn't work!

P A G E  38
What a day! So today in work I went on a trip to Llancaiach Fawr, a manor house which was in use during the Tudor times. From being in a court room (no, I wasn't arrested!) to seeing how the Tudor's slept, it was quite an insight! It was lovely to see the kids be interested in history, it reminded me of when I was in school. I did find a possible cure for CF today though... 

Who'd have thought?! Badgers were the answer all along! The things you learn on a school trip!

P A G E  39
I have finally done something which I have been needing to do for a while now. I've signed up to LinkedIn. It would have taken me ages to understand it, but thanks to Sophie's post about how to get the best use out of LinkedIn, it took me no time at all. It'll be good for my career goal (writing) to put myself out there. So if you are on there, give me a follow! 

I've also fallen in love with this song! It's from the new Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack for the film.
P A G E  40
The weekend has started! I'm looking forward to having a weekend of lazing about and catching up on all things blogging and, weirdly, I can't wait to iron my clothes. My clothes pile has built up over the week and I'm eager to tackle the mountain of clothes that have built up.
I'm really hoping this little CF problem will make a disappearance this weekend -
Yep. Not a sexy look to be sporting right now. Unfortunately, it can't be helped. *sigh*

P A G E  41
I am currently having the most laziest Saturday on record. I have binge watched the Challenge channel all afternoon and been browsing lots of online shopping websites looking for summer stuff to wear. I have now purchased some black suede slider sandals from River Island. Well, it's better to be organised isn't it?! But I am also pining for River Island sunglasses too. 

 P A G E  42
My day has seen me going to see my Grandad and take blogging photos. I find taking blogging photos a frustrating but rewarding task at times. If I get the pictures bang on, I'm happy, but if I don't, then I'm sad. But my mood has been perked up even more knowing Liverpool are playing at 4:30pm. *Update -
I was meant to put win after 2-0. When will Twitter allow us to edit our tweets?!


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