Psst! I have a dream!

What is that exactly? The 'dream'? Is it the boring Disney princess cliché where you want to meet your Prince Charming and get married in a castle and live happily ever after? Or winning the lottery and having a Lamborghini sitting on the drive of your modern mansion?

Or are you like me? You have a career goal that is your passion as well as something you would love to call your job?

Yes, I made a change of career one of my goals for 2018. Quite a spontaneous but frigging daunting decision on my part.
Speaking from my heart, and the fact that I am admitting this to you all right now, I know that I am a person who backs out of making huge decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll make them if I need to, but I like to let others make decisions for me. It’s the thought of accepting responsibility and the anxious thoughts of thinking I’ve made the wrong choice.

But this is something I want to correct. Starting with making the decision to change what I do for a living.

I love my current job right now, I love working with kids in schools, but it’s not something I can see myself doing forever. I have quite a silly and stupid habit of getting bored of jobs then wanting to go somewhere different. That’s the person I’ve become. It’s a habit that I need to snap out of.

I’ve made the choice of what career path I want to stride down - writing.

I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was in school. I loved making up and writing umpteen pages of stories in primary school. It’s the only way I feel I can show my creative side, seeing as I can’t draw for toffee.

So, here I am, revealing my dream career to you all:

My dream is writing full time, but my ultimate dream is this - writing for Liverpool Football Club.

I used to see this dream as the sort of dream that only happens in those films where everything turns out ok in the end, where the woman meets her dream man, has a dream job and they get married.

But I’ve got the thinking, why can’t I go for something like this?! Before people start thinking “Hold up girl, you’ve been blogging for over a year and you call yourself a writer?! Move to the back of the line darling!” I know I’m no professional writer, far from it. Blogging is my step up platform to my dream, I’ve grown to love blogging so much and I don’t know where I’d be without it now!

I just want to see if I can tackle (no pun intended!) this dream for writing for my beloved football team.

My gorgeous blogger friend Julia gave me the idea of writing match reports and creating a portfolio for my work. I’ve been researching other Liverpool based football writers/journalists and I’ve had a go at writing my opinions of current match results. It’s just practice right now, I’m not going to even consider publishing anything yet, I wouldn’t want Liverpool supporters to have a pop at me for an opinion of mine they don’t agree with. I’m hoping to practice from now until the end of the season and see how I feel about publishing something in July/August.

Also reading this little book has given me plenty of tips and helpful advice.
So yes, that is my dream out there for all to see. I’m quite happy that I have published this blog post, it will make me get off my arse and start going for what I bloody want!
What are your goals and dreams?


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