I've never been one for checking my horoscope. They're in the newspapers, magazines or even those Twitter profiles you conveniently follow just to see if what they say about your star sign is true. But I've not been overly keen in wanting to know what my future holds. I remember watching the National Lottery when I was younger when Mystic Meg popped up to tell us what the Lottery numbers were going to be and tell us which horoscope was going to win the jackpot.
But whatever star sign you are, apparently they all have different, unique traits which we show in our personality.

I was looking at my Taurus horoscope through this website (probably not legit, but it'll do) and it got me thinking, have I got any of these traits?

Reliable - yes, you can count on me for anything!
Patient - very debatable
Practical - if this means having common sense, this is very hit or miss for me
Devoted - I do devote to a lot of things, family, friends, Liverpool Football Club, food...
Responsible - I can take responsibility, I think.
Stable - health wise? No. Mentally? Hit and miss.
Stubborn - oh god yes, I'm very stubborn.
Possessive - nope, let people do what they want and how they want.
Uncompromising - I can be at times, but I'm also flexible and open to change.
            Gardening - you must be joking! I'm no Alan Titchmarsh.
Cooking - if you mean microwave meals and ordering takeaways, then I frigging love it!
Music - I can't go a day without listening to music
Romance - does reading Fifty Shades of Grey count?
High quality clothes - I'm prone to a statement piece
Working with hands - well, writing is typing with my fingers, so yes that's true
Sudden changes - I can handle it to a certain degree
Complications - in regards to my health, most definitely
Insecurity of any kind - with my looks and my figure I am insecure.
Synthetic fabrics - not sure if this counts as a dislike
Green and pink - love pink, the only green thing I like is Kermit the Frog
Friday and Monday - Friday? Hell yeah! Monday? Are you kidding me?!
2, 6, 9, 12, 24
By looking at this, some of the stuff that I have written is kind of true. Re-reading this has made me see how unique and how much I am like my star sign Taurus. Does this mean I'll start reading my daily horoscope? Probably not. But I can understand the fascination for others.
What are your star signs? Do you read your horoscopes?

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