Treating Yourself Once In A While

*This is a sponsored post

I'm hovering my finger over the 'Checkout' button on a popular clothes website, suddenly debating whether the items in my basket are worth the hit that it about to take place in my bank account. But I've had a bad day, I'm pretty good at not doing too much 'on the spot' spending. I'm a lot more careful with my money than I used to be.

So yes, I've placed the order and it will be with me soon. Hurrah!

But back to the title of this post, treating yourself once in a while is not so much of a crime. I think it can do your mental well-being wonders. Now, I'm not saying treat yourself every single time you feel a tiny bit down about something, you'd end up getting yourself into such silly debt. Like I said, there's nothing wrong with having a small splurge once in a while! It's all about self-care, buying yourself a little something that you see as a luxury is a great way of valuing yourself.

It's also lovely to find companies and brands that value that and see treating someone else as well as yourself as a great thing. When I was offered to work with Treatbox , I immediately fell in love with the quality of the cute treats that came in the box that was sent to me! After a sad day in work, this was the perk and little treat I needed to make me feel better.
The box was filled of pretty Parisian-themed treats. I adore the socks, the cookie has already been eaten and I love the poster (meaning Under the Stars as a fellow blogger kindly told me on Instagram) which is a lovely French quote, anything you say in French can sound so lovely to hear. These are lovely treats I shall use again and again, they also certainly cheered me up. They say it's the little things.

If you fancy treating yourself to some stuff from Treatbox, use my code FB10T for 10% off (excluding monthly boxes) on building your own gift Treatbox.

Do you think that treating yourself is a good thing once in a while?

*This is a sponsored post with Treatbox, all treat views are my own.

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