Story of 2018: Chapter Seven (Pages 183 - 189)

P A G E  183
I'm off on a two day trip with my class from work to Llangrannog in West Wales today. I'm looking forward to it but I know it's going to be a tough one! It's 7:25am and I'm currently rushing around like a blue bottle fly with the runs trying to get all my stuff together before 7:45am. I might not be updating this properly until Wednesday evening but I'll still type down my thoughts I promise! Now then, what have I forgotten to pack?...OH! My straighteners!
Before I go, I have a mini health-versary to share with you all this morning -
I'm buzzing right now! I can't believe it's been three years sin...oops! I'm late!
I've arrived here in West Wales, I am sat on a bench staring at the sea right now with a beautiful blue sky all around me. Bliss.
It's been a long day, I've walked just over 17,000 steps = 6 miles. I am officially dead. Goodnight.

P A G E  184

It has almost gone. Not the bestest start to a Tuesday. Let's go and have some breakfast, surely some bacon can cure my throat?
Today I have rock climbed, which is something I never thought I'd do, I've watched the kids do high rope activities, orienteering, I've also taken part in a water fight at 10:30 in the morning. The perks of working with kids eh?!
It's 9:45pm, the football is on, England are about to enter a penalty shootout...
Oh my word, the kids are never going to let me live this down. Thank God they're in Year 6 and they're about to venture off to comp.
Time to take me and my sore chest to bed - goodnight.

P A G E  185

I made it through the two days, I've enjoyed it so much but I'm also so happy to be home! Before we left today, the kids went on the ski slopes, did tobogganing and archery. I had a go at the archery, I wanted to keep going! It's quite addictive when you want to beat your aim and score!
After a nauseous two and a half hour coach journey, we made it home and it's safe to say that I'm worn out! An early night is calling me!
Let's go and brush my te...oh hello!
They say to save any bees that look in distress. We've got to help our bees!

P A G E  186
Yes, it's back to reality today.

I've woken up all out of sorts this morning. It doesn't help that I've overslept. Only by 15 minutes though, but still, it can throw you off sorts for the start of the day.
There's a special birthday today -  
It's true, without them I wouldn't be here typing this today. Oh that reminds me, I need to do my Spiriva inhaler...

P A G E  187
Happy Friday! My voice is still a little squeaky this morning so I'm hoping I don't have to raise my voice at the kids too much today. It feels like it's such an effort to speak when my voice disappears.
Right, let's get this day over with and hope my voice doesn't disappear too much more.

It's such a refreshing feeling when you finish exercising in the heat. It feels more like an accomplishment when you exercise and it's warm at the same time.
She is my hero. Can't beat a Chinese takeaway at the end of the working week.
Blowing a kiss to all my followers and readers on this international day!

*Sniff, sniff*
Sorry! I'm literally a sobbing mess right now! -
It really touched the hearts of everyone. Hearing people's real life stories through the episodes was a really powerful and genius idea. What a way to get this message across to the nation.

P A G E  188

It's Saturday and I'm feeling very refreshed after a god night's sleep. Well, I probably won't feel so refreshed when I go out in the warm weather later.
I am led on my bed after washing my hair, debating this -
Seriously, I could easily sit in my bra and pants all day today to avoid the warmth and sweat ironing will bring me! (Update - I did end up doing it, I don't think sitting in my underwear all day would have been the best idea!)
Ooh! There's a big football game on today! How could I forget?!…
Liverpool are playing Chester in their first pre season friendly of July! See, it shows how out of practice I am in remembering the fixtures!
*Update - they won 7-0, not a bad start!
Now, let's drink some wine to celebrate that win and a teeny bit for England winning 2-0 against Sweden.
Time to go and drink this up - see you tomorrow!
P A G E  189
I have had a random start to this Sunday morning -

I used to love The Bill when I was younger, I still remember all the characters in it!
It's very warm outside today, I haven't ventured out too far, it's too warm to sit inside let alone outside!
I heard it's supposed to be a similar temperature tomorrow and I'm stuck in work. Sigh.


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