Story of 2018: Chapter Seven (Pages 204 - 210)

P A G E  204
It's somebody's birthday today (and not just my cat Charlie's) -

It's my favourite's birthday! It's only polite to say Happy Birthday, right? Even if he doesn't see it.
Right, it's Monday, I'm off to I'm not! (so habitual for me to say that on a Monday morning!) it's the start of my six weeks off! Sorry to all those who are still heading off to work, I'm staying in all morning to do exercising and blogging.
One thing has really peed me off this morning though -
It's getting on my nerves at the moment. The algorithm is getting worse!
I've finished all my jobs this morning, I fancy a Greggs, plus I got to take this parcel back and there is a Greggs next door. Well, I deserve a little treat, right?
I ended up buying the Chicken and Bacon toastie, talk about stunning! I could eat one of them every day, they are gorgeous!
I'm feeling quite chilled for this Monday afternoon, had a bit of a meltdown earlier, but nothing I can't handle! Right, where's the wine?!

P A G E  205
It's Tuesday, I'm not planning to venture out too far today, well, I don't have any need to. I plan to have a day of blogging and coming up for some photo ideas because I'm going through a dry patch in terms of blog photos. Even Pinterest isn't giving me inspiration, bugger.
But there is one thing I am looking forward to today - 
Yes, I've bought a new Pipdig theme and I can't wait for it to be installed!
I've had lunch, I'm currently sat on my backside doing nothing! Well, I have just cleaned the kitchen cupboards. They were well overdue a good scrub and sort out.
That pretty much sums up my day so far. Now I'm off to demolish a Chinese takeaway. Good evening to you all!

P A G E  206
I seriously am. It's done my skin wonders not wearing foundation. My foundation doesn't do my skin any harm really, but I think my face needs a rest of the brushing of foundation, contouring and blusher.
All I'll be doing today is being my Mam's taxi and taking her and her mate back and forth from my home, her mate's house and the pub and same again later on. I really think my Mam sees the word taxi written on my forehead somewhere!
I can't believe what I have just found on TV! -
This has really made my day! I'll watch anything just to hear a Scouse accent!
Right, let's go and be a taxi for my mother again.

P A G E  207
I need to motivate myself to go to the gym. I do lots of exercise while I'm at home, but I've completely lost my mojo in going to the gym. But I'm determined to make myself go this morning!
Right, where's the box of Shreddies?
I made it to the gym! I felt so much better after a workout, even though I'm a dripping mess! Time for a long bath.

This jumpsuit is lush! It's so comfortable and it can be a day or night outfit. Perfect.
It's 7:30pm, EastEnders is on and I'm just about to eat a takeaway. Good evening to you all!

P A G E  208
Just as I think I'm going to have a nice chilled out Friday morning, I get a phone call from my Nan asking me to take her to the dentist for an emergency appointment. Right, let's go!
I've had the most stressful two hours of my life - put it this way, I hate dentists even more than I did before! Ok, let's take a breather and - crikey! I got to meet my best mate in half hour!

This was absolutely delicious! I'll definitely be having this again next time I go to the Harvester.
I've just taken my Mam food shopping, I take a look outside and I see a wonderful sight -
It's so refreshing to see rain fall! It's been so stuffy before now, hopefully it'll start clearing the air a bit.
I find Pilates so relaxing and therapeutic, it's so calming and a perfect workout to do after a long and stressful day. Right, where's that bottle of rose to?
An early is calling for me tonight. I can barely keep myself awake! Goodnight!

P A G E  209
I've woken up to RAIN this morning and I'm secretly hiding the fact that I'm kind of glad to see it. It means there is a lovely cool breeze wading through the house right now, well, because I got the back door open and I'm letting the breeze blow over me, which feels like heaven after all the humid days we've been experiencing. This makes me less fearful of exercising this morning.

I'm going 'out out' tonight. I'm off to a surprise 60th birthday party, which means I can wear my new New Look jumpsuit. They say always find something good in every day.
I'm currently listening and watching a Rod Stewart tribute act, whilst sinking down vodkas and cokes. I'm really living the Saturday night high life! But seriously, it was so nice to see some old family friends and have a good catch up.
I'm feeling a bit drunk now I'm home, time to slip into bed.

P A G E  210
Ok, I've woken feeling slightly worse for wear. I knew I was necking down those vodkas too quickly. 
I have liked seeing the rain for the last couple of days. But I am looking forward to seeing the sunshine making a return. At the end of the day, it's still Summer!
I've just delved into the most gorgeous roast dinner. I made the most of this cooler day by eating a chicken dinner!


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