Story of 2018: Chapter Seven (Pages 190 - 196)

P A G E  190
Monday again! I'm up and ready for work, now I'm about to apply this -

It can't be just me that feels the same way?! My skin looks and feels bleh when I apply it! But needs must, I need to protect my skin from the Sun and face the kids at work!
I just had the hugest laugh to myself walking through the shopping centre! -
I haven't heard that phrase since I was in comp! But it's not to hear someone as young as 10 years old use language like that. He is still primary school age, I never knew any swear words at that age myself!

P A G E  191
Hoo - bloody - ray. What a lovely day I have in front of me! If I get good news then it won't seem so bad. Right, it's 7:45am - time to shoot off. My appointment is at 9:30 so...I know I may be leaving a little TOO early, but have you ever tried to get to Cardiff from Newport in the Tuesday morning rush hour traffic? Believe me, I need the extra time!
I've arrived at the hospital at 9:15. See! I told you the extra time I gave myself wasn't too silly! Let's get into clinic and get this appointment over with...
Ok, that didn't go to plan -
Jeez, what a crappy morning. I know with CF it can be so unpredictable, this feels like a proper kick in the guts. I'm gutted.
But yes, apparently my lung function technique is wrong all of a sudden - even though I've been doing it the same way for 20 years. Not going to even pay attention to that one and the shoe thing with being a diabetic is absolutely ridiculous! Bearing in mind, the physio and diabetic doctor I seen today are ones I've rarely seen before, so I am kindly not going to pay any attention to them on that one.
Yes, it's been a shitty day, to top it off, my favourite player isn't even in the starting line-up for the LFC friendly against Tranmere Rovers tonight. Anything or anyone else want to spoil my day even further? No? Thank goodness for that!

P A G E  192
I've woken up thinking it's Thursday today. I also kind of need to apologise for being in such a arsey mood last night. I had such a bad day yesterday, but I've woken up in a brighter and more positive mood, I'm ready and willing to fight CF head on and get my body sorted!
Right, I've come home from work, let's get these lungs working! -
Well I do don't I?! These lungs of mine aren't going to get away with it!
I'm currently watching the England game with a little bit of a sweat on. Yes, I am supporting England even though I'm Welsh, there's nothing wrong with that!
We're about to enter into extra time, see you on the other side...

P A G E  193
Yep, England lost last night in extra time. They did amazingly well and all the player's should be proud of themselves!
It's quite cloudy outside this morning. This may sound controversial, but...I'm kind of glad that it's overcast today! I love the warm weather but sometimes it's nice to have a break from it for a day or two. But I hope the sunshine comes back tomorrow. We don't it leaving us for too long do we?!
I've come home, I'm scrolling through Twitter and I spot this video on my timeline -
It is seriously one of those videos where you just want to keep watching it until the end to see what happens. Even though all you watch is a lemon rolling down a hill. Has my life really got that incredibly sad?

P A G E  194

I'm not into all those superstitious or horror stories you hear about Friday 13th. Saying that, I hope I don't have a bad day now...
It's been a mad day. I made the mistake of not wearing open toe sandals, instead I opted for my loafers for work today. Well, it was cloudy when I woke up this morning! My feet are sweating and I have just swapped my loafers for my trainers to go to the gym. Why do I not think these things through?!
I have to go back to work now for a little bit to see the Year 6's leave for their leaver's prom. They'll be all like bottles of pop with excitement!
I've just got back, they all looked so lovely! Some of the girls dresses were lovely, it was a sad reminder that I never had a prom in school, not in primary (cause it wasn't a big thing in primary school back then) or in comp (school was too tight to pay for one) right, let's get on with this evening.

P A G E  195
I've had a lush night's sleep! I feel really refreshed and ready for Saturday!

I can call it Fostair as well. But I like to show off and say it by the medical name rather than the brand name!
I got a few jobs to do today, I got to exercise, do a food shop, do some ironing and also clean my bedroom. Hopefully I can get it all done quickly so I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine!
I've finally finished my chores for the day! I'm off to meet my friend Saffron for a little catch up.
I seriously wanted to take him home. He was absolutely adorable! His name was Roly, how cute!

P A G E  196
It's Sunday and I have lots to do. But it's hard to get stuff done when the weather is so gorgeous! I just want to sit outside in it all day and get a (slight) tan!
Right, I'm meeting my cousin for a Costa, I've been wanting a fruit cooler since last Summer.
The Mango and Passionfruit fruit cooler - Hubba Hubba! It's so refreshing, even if I suffered a tiny case of brain freeze trying to drink it so quickly!
It's just dawned on me that it's my last week in work then it's the summer holidays. It's also my class's last week in primary school before they move on to comprehensive school. Ooh this week is going to be an emotional one..


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