Story of 2018: Chapter Seven (Pages 197 - 203)

P A G E  197
Not the best start to my Monday morning -

Thankfully, I managed to get the other eyebrow done with the tiny last bit that broke off the pencil to do the other eyebrow. Believe me, it wasn't easy! Right, let's crack on and get to work and begin my last week before the Summer holidays!
Well, I've had a s**t day in work, this tweet pretty much sums it up -
Yes, a new water bottle from Home Bargains has managed to perk up my crappy day! I've been wanting a bottle with time markings on it for AGES now, now I finally own one! My main aim is to try and drink plenty of water everyday, particularly in the warmer months. Otherwise the doctors at the hospital will only nag me!
P A G E  198
It's Tuesday and I'm not in the greatest mood. I could have happily stayed in bed until...well, all day to be honest. Seriously, when is Friday going to get here?!
It's been another mad day in work, I've fixed the five of spades and a cardboard boat, been sharpening pencils and I've left with a croaky voice. Lovely!
I've come home to this parcel -

I do not want to take this dress off. It's so comfortable and can be worn casual or dressy. I love it!
Right, I got to get back to work, I'm about to watch my class perform Alice in Wonderland. But I am looking forward to it!

P A G E  199
I have probably just had the most weirdest drive to work -

Yep, pretty standard for a Wednesday morning. I hope the rest of the day isn't as wacky!
Well, today in work has consisted of going to church, watching the Alice in Wonderland play again and have milk spilt all over my right foot. Nice, I now have a milky foot.

P A G E  200
It's Thursday, two more working days until the Summer holidays begin, so I'm in a great mood!
Right, let's go and do my insulin - uh oh -

I need to remind myself to inject my insulin BEFORE putting a long dress on. I really do always forget every time.
I've just pulled in to the car park, let's have a quick look at my phone before I go in...wait, where's my phone?!
I could have sworn that I put it in my bag! Oh god, I really need to get some sleep, preferably six weeks worth of sleep!
I'm home, I've been reunited with my phone, ah, relax. Just one more day left, it's my last day with my class tomorrow before they leave for Year 7, it may be the last day tomorrow, but it will be an emotional one.

P A G E  201
Good morning! It's Friday and I am in a mood of mixed feelings. I am happy that it's the last day before the Summer holidays start, but then I feel sad that it is my class's last day before they head off for comp in September. Bloody hell, today is going to be an emotional one...
Right, I cannot have a repeat of yesterday, let's put my phone in my bag while I remember!
Ok, it's 10:30am and I've already cried twice. I cried when the Year 6's sang their first song, The Climb, then I cried when they sang their second song, A Million Dreams (from the Greatest Showman) I didn't realise what a beautifully written song that is until I heard 40 kids sing it just now. Just spine tingling.
It's 3:30pm, I've made it! And yes, there were still more tears this afternoon! There are good perks and bad perks of working with Year 6 kids. The banter is great with the older kids, but saying goodbye to them at the end of the year is bloody heartbreaking, especially when the kids start crying.
I've have been quite emotional today, I've just cried sorting out the presents the kids bought me. The cards were so thoughtful and heartwarming, the wine is also greatly appreciated.
So yes, I'm feeling in a bit of a flat mood tonight, I do apologise, but hopefully I'll be in a better mood tomorrow instead.

P A G E  202

Only my cat would choose to sit on my headphones. Silly sausage! Yes, it's good morning from the both of us! I'm feeling a little better than I did last night, I felt really down after dwelling on such an emotional day. But I'm having my haircut today, so that should make me feel better! It is in dire need of a cut, this is one thing I hate about the warmer weather, it don't half make my hair feel dry. It feels like I'm brushing straw right now.
Oh, my hair feels 1000 times better now! Now, time to go food shopping and grab some lunch!
I've forgotten about this! -
This really made my day yesterday! It's such a wonderful feeling having an impact on kids lives. This message has just made me tearful again, God I'm such a softie!

P A G E  203

I feel so bleh! I haven't got a banging headache as such, I just feel like I could really stay in bed all day! But it's too hot to stay in bed all day, let's get up and get motivated!
One thing I hate about this weather is this -
It's 7pm and I have had the straighteners three times on my hair. Not good.
My best friend has text me to go to Spoons for a drink. I haven't seen her in two months, see ya!


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