Internet Detoxing

I recently went away for two days to West Wales and with the realisation when I got to my destination that there would be no WiFi for two days, I kind of wasn’t happy. But I thought “Do you know what?! I need to make the most of this and I’m gonna!”

It was a work trip so it was a residential trip with the kids I work with and there were three other teachers with me who were in the same boat as I was WiFi-wise.

Instead I made the most of my beautiful surroundings, which was a stunning view overlooking the sea with a cloudless blue sky and Mr Sunshine also made its presence known too.

I mean, how often am I going to take pictures as stunning as this?
I tell you, not very often. After Monday evening, the Internet wasn’t even an issue with me. I was relieved in a way to be stepping away from it. It did my mind and overall mental well-being the world of good to step away from the social media world and just update when I had a spare minute or two, which was barely much of the time anyway.

I felt like I could enjoy the real world and enjoy new challenges like archery and rock climbing (I know, not things you have a go at doing everyday!)

So would I recommend an Internet detox? - Most definitely.

Especially when you can watch the sunset like this every evening with just the sound of gentle waves and birds in the background, it makes it all worth it. Nature beats anything.

Sadly, our lives are based around the internetting world, we just don’t enjoy what’s around us anymore. We have to tag where we are on Facebook and who we’re with on Instagram and compose a witty tweet on Twitter about what we’re currently up to. It’s sad and a little scary at the same time.

A little bit of wisdom coming up here:
"Spending just one day away from social media can be one of the best things you can do for your mental health"

It really can. Once in a while, you need to focus on the real world rather than the digital one.

Do you give yourself time away from social media and overall the Internet once in a while?
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  1. I love the idea of a detox but now I have my blog, just a few days away from it and my views and interaction fall through the floor.

    But sometimes it is really important to stop and watch the sunset.