Story of 2018: Chapter Six/Seven (Pages 176 - 182)

P A G E  176
After waking up to an Instagram comment like from my favourite Liverpool player (LFC fans can probably guess who!) , I am in a right good mood on this beautiful sunny Monday morning! See, I must be in a good mood if I am seeing the positive on a Monday!
After a baking hot day in work, also after hearing that it's set to be another scorcher tomorrow, I made the decision this morning to go to the gym and I'm sticking to my decision -
Hmm - maybe not one of my better moves. But even though I only lasted 30 minutes, at least I got myself there and did some form of exercise! Considering how warm it is, from a CF point of view, that's one hell of an achievement!
One thing that has brightened up my day too was this text I had earlier -
It's official - I have an amazing CF team. I know they probably text every patient at my clinic as well, but still!

P A G E  177
It's set to be the hottest day of the year. I don't think I can wear anything that is going to keep me cool! But I'm going to have a little mini bet to myself this morning -

Hmm - it's a difficult one, my hair does go into disarray when it gets quite warm, but should I have a little more faith in my hair? Let's see what it looks like by the end of the day -
It stayed straight! I always knew I could have faith in my hair! It hasn't let me down today!
Right, let's scroll through Twitter and see what's trend- wait a minute, please tell me this isn't happening!
I have no words. I'm absolutely gutted to say the least. I'm coming away from social media now. Good evening to you all *goes off to cry into a pillow*

P A G E  178
I've woken up in THE most foul mood. I didn't get much sleep last night, not just because of the heat but I just too much stuff floating around in my mind. My mind overthinking on the things I'm already overthinking about. Goodness me, I can't catch a break!

It can't be just me! I feel like every time I brush my hair in this sort of weather, it just immediately goes messy again. So frustrating!
It's also this National day today -
It is my passion and I wouldn't change a thing!

P A G E  179
Another hot and sweaty day is upon us. I think I may stop talking about the heatwave. We all know it's hot. Let's move onto something else.
Yes, I need to get ready for work - see ya!

They wouldn't mind, surely? Neighbourly love and all that, right?
Update - I didn't do that. I had someone actually message me on Instagram asking me if I did do that. Nah, I'm not going to be a weirdo neighbour!

P A G E  180
It's Friday and I'm bouncing! The weekend is here and I cannot wait to make the most of the sunshine without being stuck in work.
It's been a long day, I went on a mini school trip to a marsh wearing sandals, I knew I made a mistake not wearing trainers, I have now come home with dirty feet. Nice.

A good hour workout in this weather, I like to think that's a good achievement in itself. Now I'm about to demolish a Chinese takeaway. Good night!

P A G E  181
I'm lying in bed doing my routinely morning social media scroll and I'm pining to go to this place - and for once it's not Liverpool -

It looks like every child's (and even adult's) dream. I am dying to go on the Slinky rollercoaster!
Right, let's carry on scrolling...
Honest to God, I never realised this until now! Perhaps I'm more creative when I have a good 8 hours uninterrupted sleep? Hmm...
I've done some exercise, taken my Mam to the hairdresser's and nipped in New Look to pick up a parcel, I've just come home to open them and voila -
I love both dresses, especially the floral one. I already have the shoes and bag to go with both dresses. A win win!
You got to love a Saturday, especially for me when there's football on and it's a lush sunny day!
P A G E  182 
Is it really July already?! My god we're already halfway through the year! Jeez, time does fly by.
Now, onto today, I got a busy Sunday planned with lots to do so let's get cracking!
My legs look like milk bottles. I have a cracking tan on my arms from being outside all the time and driving but then my legs - don't get me started. My legs have never been able to tan naturally. Everywhere else on my body does except them. It's so weird.
I've done all my (well, most) of my jobs for today. I've been packing for my two day trip away. Oh, didn't mention that?! Yes, I'm going away for two days to Llangrannog in West Wales for a school residential trip with the class I'm working in. I'm excited because I've never been to West Wales (well, only to Oakwood theme park, but doesn't really count). So I may be a bit quiet over the next few days, I just hope there's free WIFI there...


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