Story of 2018: Chapter Five (Pages 141 - 147)

P A G E  141
Well, it's Monday again. Where did that weekend go?! I got a few things to sort out today, for example, my prescription has gone AWOL and I need medication. Like today.
I've just come back from the GP surgery, as Queen Victoria said, "We are not amused" -
Yep, I'm not a happy bunny right now. But one thing has cheered me up this afternoon -
What a beautiful photo that is! They look so happy!

P A G E  142
I've had quite a happy day in work today. 
I loved playing Frustration. I used to play it with my Mam loads when I was growing up. We used to be so competitive! Also watching YouTube videos of Disney rollercoasters made me pine to get on a plane to Florida to go and ride on those coasters. They were happy times.

P A G E  143

Yes, Emma's post has made me pine for Liverpool this morning! If only August would hurry up...
Anyway, it's a lovely day and it's time to head out.

P A G E  144
I've woken up to rain. Why? It's been so lovely the last few days now I'm debating whether to wear boots again or not. It's not on!
I've just applied some fake tan ready for the weekend. Not that I have anything major planned, just a Champions League final with Liverpool being one of the finalists where I have to sit and sweat my way through. Maybe not a good idea to apply fake tan?
But one thing I have noticed that is trending a lot on Twitter today -

It really will! No more pointless emails from people I seriously cannot remember giving my email to! No more crappy emails telling me stuff I don't want or care about knowing!

 P A G E  145

I'm so excited to be having more than a week off work this week! I have heard that the weather is going to be really bad but I don't care, I can just stay in bed! But there is one other thing I am celebrating today -
It would be rude not to commemorate this day.

P A G E  146

Yes, it's here, it's final day! And I couldn't be more nervous about it if I tried! But I'm hungry, so let's eat some bacon.
I'm bored. I'm going to go and get changed.
I have to apologise to you all now if I tweet too much about the final tonight, I kn...actually, why do I need to apologise?! I'm a Liverpool fan, of course I'm going to tweet during the final!
*Update - a 3-1 loss. Gut wrenching.
Let's get over this the way I know how. Let's finish off this bottle of wine!

P A G E  147

For your safety, don't cross me today. I soon as I type this -
That's my excuse not to go out today! But one thing I do like about thunderstorms is that it makes the air less muggy and humid. I hate it when it's really stuffy outside. It feels unbearable.
I've had quite a productive Sunday so far. I've exercised, done most of my medication, cleaned the inside AND outside of my car and washed the garden table and chairs. I'm worn out! But I do love Sunday evenings -
There are two blog chats on a Sunday night and I love taking part and meeting new bloggers!


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