10 Ways To De-Stress

Stress, what a tense word. We have all experienced it on some level in our everyday lives. Your heart rate increases, your stomach starts churning and the panic sets in. Your anxiety levels hit the roof and you feel out of control of the situation you're in. My inner self starts throwing mugs at the nearest wall...(something I may have done in the past)
But in a way stress can be a lesson learnt in how you handle the same situation again the future. I know stress effects me whenever I experience it. Can I honestly say that I can handle stressful situations in a calm and effective manner? Probably not. But by doing some of the things in the list below, I can totally chill out, take a deep breath and imagine myself relaxing on a beautiful beach in Barbados with a Strawberry Daiquiri whilst swaying on a hammock tied between two palm trees, trying in vain not to topple off. Like that's ever going to happen anyway, but it's nice to think about:

Probably the easiest thing we can do. We do it to keep ourselves alive anyway, so why don't we do it to help calm ourselves down? Breathe in. Breathe out. It's so simple but so effective how just taking deep breaths can bring down my stress levels and bring calmness within myself.

Get that yoga mat out and get into the downward dog position! Yoga has been known to help reduce blood pressure. Stress can trigger high blood pressure and yoga is a worthwhile method in helping to diminish high stress levels. 

If my problems and worries are getting that little bit too much for me to handle myself, I always feel better talking to someone I know well and I trust. Having a shoulder to cry on and someone to unburden my problems to is kind of like therapy, maybe not for the person with the soggy shoulder I'm crying on, but it's very rare that I do that! You can talk to someone in your family, your best friend or even someone professional like a psychologist. I know from my personal perspective, it definitely helps me. Getting it all out in open for me helps lift the invisible weight that has been on my shoulders.

Now, who wouldn't love to punch something (not someone, that's not totally legal) when they're angry or stressed out to the max?! I must say, going to the gym and hitting the hell out of a punch bag or sweating my socks off on the treadmill to run all my stress out certainly assists the de-stressing process. Running is a good method to get rid of anger, plus I'm exercising and keeping fit, killing two birds with one stone!

This has got to be one of my favourite things to do to unwind after a long day. I can't go a day without plugging my earphones in and having my best loved tunes blasting in my ears. Listening to songs really helps me to relax. Calming music being played in the background in my house or when I'm driving in my car does my mind wonders.

It's always the answer to any crisis we have. You could be fired from your job, have a row with your boyfriend or even lose your cat, but by putting the kettle on and drinking a cup of PG Tips, or in my case, Pukka Green Tea, it seems to solve everything. Well, I would go as far to say that it solves those hypothetical dilemmas I've mentioned, but you get the idea.

You wouldn't believe the amount of times I've had to get out of the house because everything and anything seems to p**s me off or wind me up without meaning to. Even if it is just to escape for half an hour. I get in my car and just drive around Newport for a bit and it certainly helps. I tend to drive through the country lanes as it's quieter and the only things I encounter are tractors and cows (slow buggers they both are), not some annoying road users who cut me up on a busy roundabout to stress me out even more. Going for a walk is just as refreshing. Breathing in some fresh air and taking a long stroll does the trick.

Seriously, who doesn't swear when they're stressed?! I know I do - a lot. It is a bad habit of mine. But it doesn't half make me feel better when I vent out my rage with a few 'f' words!

Something which I am trying to do right now. My incredibly early New Year's resolution. Writing down something good that has happened to me that day makes me see that even on a bad day, I can always remember a reason I smiled during the day, however big or small. Be positive, even if you feel like you're having the worst day of your life, there's somebody else out there who is worse off than you. 

Grab a Lush bath bomb, dunk it into a hot steaming bath, light a few candles, set up the iPad to watch Stranger Things 2, or for me, EastEnders, have a glass of wine on the side and let the water soak up your stress and problems. Relaxation.

What are your ways of dealing with stress?

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  1. I love how you've included swearing! I'll always remember a study I read about at uni where they found swearing actually helps with pain - who knew? For me exercise is one of my favourite ways to relieve stress because it helps diffuse the rage and its doing me some good in the long run. When all else fails though, you can't beat a glass of wine and a Netflix marathon!
    Amy | sassycatlady.com