Blog Reads Of May

Let's keep the introduction short and sweet, here are my favourite posts of May:

1) Why I'm Not A 'Party Girl' And That's Okay | Life With Louise
Reading this post by Louise really spoke out to me. It was like reading what my life was like pre 20 years old. I was never one to go out partying in clubs (in Newport 5 years ago, Delilah's) and getting so drunk I could barely remember a single thing the next morning. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who was like this! I'm a lot more comfortable going out now, but Louise said, being in a club with loud music, huge crowds of drunk people acting stupid, nah, not for me.
 2) Dear Body... | Harmony Blaze
We all have body insecurities and I know that can say that I have cursed my body for not being perfect. Emma writing a letter to her own body saying how she feels about it and how grateful she is for it really shows to everyone that we shouldn't get so hung up on your body shapes and sizes and be grateful for the body we do possess. This was so eloquently put by Emma. I've been in the same situation as her, literally cursing my stomach and legs for not being as toned as I would like them to.
3) A Little Note On Friendships | Sophie Rosie
Our friendship groups do change during our lifetime. From the friends we walked in with on our first day of nursery to the ones who held your hair when you were sick in the toilets in a nightclub, all friendships have their own meaning. One thing that Sophie wrote that really stood out to me is that her closest friends don't know each other, it's like a virtual 'People You May Know' section on Facebook. It's the exact same thing as me, each one of my closest friends I met at different stages in my life and all for a reason. What Sophie has said is spot on, the quantity of friends shouldn't matter - it's the quality.
4) To Unfollow Or Not To Unfollow - That Is The Question | Twenty Something Meltdown
One thing that I kind of feel guilty about on social media is unfollowing somebody. I feel like I'm being unsupportive and that I don't appreciate their great content. As Gwennan says, it's important to just follow accounts that really speak out to you and ones that, more importantly, you can relate to. I've taken to the social media cull before and had a good cleanse out of the people I follow and it does do your mind and social media platforms the world of good. Gwennan gives some great tips on how to handle the unfollowing process.

5) What To Do When Mental Health Stops You Leaving The House | The North Left
This May saw us highlight mental health in Mental Health Awareness Week, this post really struck a chord with me. I get days where I just want to stay in bed all day and not do anything. Sometimes I just don't feel like I can handle a normal day and I just want to hide away. But this post gives you ideas of ways to turn your day around and just basically try and get you motivated. A great read!
Let me know what your favourite blog posts this month have been!

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