Story: 2018 - Chapter Five (Pages 127 - 133)

P A G E  127

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I'm into the week of my birthday. I can't believe how quick this year has come around. It was only this time last year I was in Liverpool with my girls celebrating my 24th. How time flies.
I've woken up to a glorious sunny day, happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone! I'm hoping to get the chance to sit outside and get some sort of tan, but not too much, as the antibiotics will make me burn if I stay out in it for too long. Sigh.
I've just come back from my first visit to Goldcliff this year. It was lovely to breathe that salty air in my lungs!

P A G E  128
Back to work after the Bank Holiday today. Waking up to pretty rubbish weather has helped a little bit with the going back to work process. Is it me or does it feel quite stuffy outside?!
I really has been. But it's three days until my birthday. So that makes me feel a lot more cheery tonight.
Also, I've fallen in love with this top I wore yesterday -

P A G E  129
We're halfway through the week and I'm actually exhausted! Considering it's only a four day working week, that can't be right, surely?!
I've just come home from work to an ASOS parcel, which obviously I ripped open as soon as I walked into the house. But now I'm waiting for someone to come and visit -

He never even turned up! I'm really not happy! I'm having a new carpet for my bedroom as a birthday present from my Mam and I'm so mad! He was supposed to come at 4:45pm and he never even rang to say he couldn't make it. Disappointing.

P A G E  130

I am struggling to process the fact that I'm finally in my md twenties. It's not quite sinking in yet. Maybe it well tomorrow when I have a few drinks!
Oh yes! I forgot to mention! -
This means I can also drink alcohol again and finally have cereal in the mornings again! The thought of having a cheese toastie again in the morning is making me sick!
But yes, I'm going to work now and forget about the fact I'll be turning 25 tomorrow.

P A G E  131

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Yes, I've reached my 25th year. My birthday shall be based in work during the day then out with my friends this evening to have a few drinks and some good food and chatter. Lush. In the meantime, let's head off to work and celebrate the day with the kids.
What a lovely day I've had in work! Even the kids bought me little presents and made me cards. It's absolutely made my day. One girl even bought me Rich Tea biscuits, a big Dairy Milk bar and a Toblerone bar. This kid knows I love food. A food present is always top.
Now let's get ready and enjoy the evening!
A gorgeous evening with my friends so far has got even better -
Unfortunately, I did not win. Still, this free bottle of rose is flowing down very nicely. I think I might regret starting drinking shots by the morning.

P A G E  132
I've woken up at 8:45am and I feel surprisingly refreshed after a good night's sleep. Even though I didn't get to bed until 1:00am. Still, it was a cracking night and a cracking birthday.
But I have had a lovely parcel in the post this morning -

Boux Avenue bralettes, are the most prettiest and comfiest type of lingerie on God's earth. I think I've said that before, but it needs to be said again for everyone else to know, well, , at least the people who will read this.
It's time to sit down and watch the Eurovision and recover from that absolute beast of a Chinese Takeaway I just ate, absolutely stunning it was.
After that protester ran on stage during our entry, I thought we would have had a lot more points, but as usual, everybody still hates us!

P A G E  133
I've woken up to beautiful sunshine once again. Waking up to sunshine makes the day seem better. But a thought that's just crossed my mind may mar all that -

Nope, I'm not prepared for this. Let's just forget about that thought for now and go and see one of my best friends for a good old cup of green tea!
Can't fault having a rant and rave with your best friend! Let's go home and get ready to watch the last game of the season, nope, I'm not crying, there's just something in my eye.
*Update - a 4-0 win!
What a way to end my birthday weekend! So I've decided to be a bit impulsive with my birthday money -
Ah, a little bit of impulse buying, well, it was my birthday this weekend.


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