Story: 2018 - Chapter Five (Pages 134 -140)

P A G E  134
It's Monday again. But going to work knowing I'm going out with one of my best friends for a belated birthday meal should surely get me through the day.
So I've just left work, I haven't been to the gym for two weeks, I'm overdue a visit. I need to go. Maybe I can leave it another day. No, I'm GOING. I'm actually kind of glad I went -

How does a person get blog post inspiration when exercising?! It's so weird!
Let's get home, have a bath, get changed and head out for a good bit of food!
What a lovely evening with my best friend! Unfortunately some d***head had to try his best to ruin it -
Some people are so rude and ignorant about disabled people! Yes, I may not have an arm or leg missing and I'm not in a wheelchair, but my illness classes me as being disabled! Honest to god some people must think we like being disabled for the special car park spaces. No mate, I'd rather be healthy!

P A G E  135
I've woken up to another beautiful sunshine filled day. But there is one thing I would rather be doing than going to work -

I really could, I could easily take my laptop outside, have a cold drink beside me and get some writing done. Ah well, I'll just have to wait until tonight, I just hope these current ideas I have floating around in my head don't fly out of my brain!
It's been a long day in work today, not the best.
I really am. Hopefully a good night's sleep will make things all better. It always does. Also food does that.

P A G E  136

Yep, I didn't time the posting of this photo well. The fact I'm wearing a jumper (bearing in mind I took this photo two months ago) and it's May. Yes, not quite so good. But it's to do with my latest post about Mental Health Awareness Week so I think I can let myself off.
We're halfway through the week and I'm looking ahead to the weekend already. Is that bad?

P A G E  137
I have a fancy dress day in work to look forward to today -

Yes, it was either dress up in recycled materials or dress up as an animal. I chose the latter. Obviously. I couldn't see myself dress up in a bin bags for the day. It's supposed to warm up later!
P A G E  138
My day got off to the most strange but happiest start -
I'm absolutely gutted that I'm sat in the car park at work whilst Heart radio are in my road! But at
least my tea is sorted tonight! Getting free pizza? That's the stuff only miracles are made of!
Thank you Heart Radio! My pepperoni and meatball pizza went down very nicely in my street!

P A G E  139
The big day is finally here!
I cannot wait. I think I'm going to be one of those annoying people who will tweet every single detail of the whole day and to be honest, I couldn't care less! I'd rather be one of those people!
See, I don't care! It's a happy British occasion, why shouldn't we go on and on about it!
The service was beautiful! What a lovely, romantic, Disney style wedding!
I feel so upbeat now! I'm off to a BBQ at a family friend's house to stuff my face. See you tomorrow!

P A G E  140
I'm still smiling about yesterday!

It really was a beautiful day!
I'm kind of excited today, not only because it is absolutely stunning weather peeking through my bedroom window right now, but this is happening -
Yes, it's finally happening! I'm hosting my first blogger chat tonight at 7pm. I'm a little nervous but excited too!
At the moment i'm obsessed with Mom style jeans. Particularly this pair from ASOS, but I kind of reminded myself of someone -
It's a good look, right?


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