Story: 2018 - Chapter Four/Five (Pages 120 - 126)

P A G E  120
We're back to Monday again...jeez. I feel like I didn't get a lot done on my weekend off. Saturday I was at christening all day, then yesterday I didn't get loads done, except blogging stuff. But still, needs must, it's time to go to work.
I have come home to find an ASOS parcel casually lying on my doormat waiting to be opened. It's something I've been wanting to buy for a while now -

Also, please excuse my dirty mirror, I need to remind myself to clean that this week Another thing to add to my to do list. *sigh*.

P A G E  121

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How is it May already?! It feels like just yesterday that I was seeing April Fool's jokes on my Twitter feed at the beginning of last month.
The weather certainly doesn't feel like May, I'm frigging freezing! I should NOT be still needing to wear a coat now. Ridiculous!
I'm home from the gym, all hot and sweaty, I'm really looking forward to washing my hair tonight -
They say it's the little things.
Whilst I was scrolling through my phone on the recumbent bike at the gym, as I looked at my photos, I noticed something very strange, and kind of scary -
I just deleted one of my photos to make it 665 photos. I'm quite superstitious in that way.

P A G E  122
It's absolutely pouring down with rain this morning. You seriously wouldn't think it was May!
But let's venture out to work and see how long it'll take until I see the first flick in my hair from it getting wet from the rain.
I'm home from work, I'm trying to get through to someone on the phone, of course I'm in a queue, but there is one thing that really annoys me about waiting to get put through to someone -

Why can't they play the likes of Chris Brown, Rita Ora or Calvin Harris?! It would make waiting time so much nicer!
Oh god, one thing has just kicked in -
Right, it's 7:45pm, the football is about to start, see you in 90 minutes.
I'm absolutely buzzing right now! Bring on the 26th May!

P A G E  123

I really have. This should set me up for the day ahead.

P A G E  124
I love Fridays knowing there is a Bank Holiday weekend in sight.

If it's true and they've said that the weather is going to be absolutely banging, then it's time to drag the garden chairs and table out of the garage and sit outside all weekend!
This weekend also gives me the chance to catch up on blogging stuff, I need to plan my posts for May.

P A G E  125
It's Saturday and I've woken up in a great mood! I know the sunshine is going to make his presence well and truly known today, so it's time to get moving and make the most of it!
It's 3:00pm and I've just had a text from one of my best friends to let me know I can have my nails done today rather than Monday - off I go!

Now my nails match the nail varnish colour on my toes! I would paint my nails all the time but my nails chip so easily if I don't have Gelish nails.
I've just sat down and looked at my drafts on Blogger, oh my word -
I think I need to get my photography head on - and quick.

P A G E  126

Yep, that is one thing on my to do list for today. Looking at the little marks on the mirror right now is making me to the face palm emoji to myself.
I've completed most of my to do list before the football starts, something I never thought I would do have achieved at the start of the day.
*Update - we lost 1-0. Bugger.
This has not a good way to end my Sunday. But at least the thought of no work tomorrow cheers me up a bit!


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