Six Ways To (Kind Of) Spend A Bank Holiday

We are into a Bank Holiday weekend! I cannot wait to go to bed on Sunday night knowing I don't have to set my alarm for 6:00am. Heaven. I'd like to know if I'm the only person who makes plans, then doesn't carry them through. For example, I always say "I'm going to the pub for a few drinks!" then that turns into "Let's just stay in, it's too busy everywhere". This can't be just me, surely?
Anyway, here are some ways you can (possibly) spend your Bank Holiday:

The perfect time to sit in front of the TV and catch up on that one episode you've been dying to watch. Then that turns into two episodes, then three, then - well, you get the idea. It's the best idea to do when it's a Bank Holiday where it is pouring down with rain, well, what else can you do?! So just order a pizza, cwtch down and stick the telly on!
I know we all do this on a daily, or in some cases, an hourly basis, but if we're sat in the house bored, we seem to feel the need to grasp our phones and refresh our social media feeds god knows how many times during the Bank Holiday. You can't get enough pictures of people sitting in a beer garden or seeing people lounge in their gardens trying their utmost best to get the slightest tan.

I'm one of these people. I need to be doing something when I'm not in work. I can't just sit around the house and do nothing. I need to go to bed at night knowing I've achieved at least one thing or feel that I've had a productive day. Bank Holidays are no different, I need to feel like I have a good set of plans in place, whether it's going out enjoying the time off or doing stuff around the house if the weather is bad.
Yep, let's just catch up on some ZZZ's. Well, when is it the best time to do that? 

Like I said in the Making Plans paragraph, having a productive Bank Holiday indoors is just as good as going out. I like to have a good clean out of my bedroom eg. clothes. I like to give my bedroom a good once over with the hoover, polish and just a good well rounded tidy up.
If all else fails, go to the pub, everything gets solved after a drink of your favourite alcoholic beverage. Now, I'm not trying to influence anyone into getting drunk, but t's nice to celebrate these precious days off work!
How do you like to spend your Bank Holidays?
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  1. These are some great suggestions. If the weather is nice enough, I like to go for a walk and a picnic.